Your Favorite Child Stars All Grown Up: Where are They Now? 


Growing up is the situation that is certain to happen. It's not easy being a child star as an actor or actress. Ever wondered what happened to your favorite child stars you grew up watching in movies and TV? It seems like we were watching them just yesterday but believe me these child stars are all grown up now into full-on adults.

All of these child stars become famous at an early age and they are now on bigger success. Not all biggest child stars want to continue acting in their adult age. Some of them are still in the entertainment industry, some quit Hollywood and leave the spotlight for good and pursue different careers. Their fans always want to see those child actors now that how they've changed, what they look like, and what're they up to now.

Here's a list of your favorite child stars all grown up and where are they now. Keep scrolling to get to know about them, some of them are barely recognizable and you might not recognize them. Let's begin!

Mara Wilson

This charming little girl was just 6 years old when she made her debut in Mrs. Doubtfire. Mara Wilson is best-known for playing the title character with telekinetic powers in 1996 a family movie Matilda. Mara took a break from acting, basically retired in 2000 after her role in Thomas and Magic Railroad.

Mara wanted to focus on her writing career as an author and journalist. She published a book which is titled, Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame. She wrote a play, Sheeple.Furthermore, she still has a passion for voiceover work and making small cameos. She made a modest return to the entertainment industry. In 2016, she voiced characters in the TV series, BoJack Horseman and Big Hero 6.The actress is active on Twitter so you can find more about her routine there.

Thomas-Brodie Sangster

You probably remember the adorable lovesick Sam, in the 2003 film Love Actuallywho falls in love with his classmate. This talented small star is all grown up and continued to work in the entertainment industry. Now, Thomas starred in pretty major projects like Game of Thrones, The Maze Runner movies series, Godless, and Thunderbirds Are Go.

Moreover, Thomas acted in the Netflix show The Queen's Gambitas competitive chess player Benny Wattsin 2020, for which he was nominated for the Emmy award. Now, this 31-year-old actor is a great star in Hollywood who gained recognition as a child artist in 2003.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel made his acting debut at the age of 9 in the TV film David Copperfield and The Tailor of Panama. At the age of 11 years old, he filmed in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stonethat truly made him a superstar. He received numerous awards and nominations for this best-known series. Daniel has done an admirable job in all his roles.

Now, Daniel Radcliffe is one of the successful and highest-paid actors in the world. He gained worldwide fame through his spectacular work. He starred in the horror film The Woman in Blackwhich was the successful British horror film of all time.

Apart from it, the other successes of Harry potter include his work in the Miracle Workers series,a flatulent corpse in Swiss Army Man, FBI agent in Imperium, and the role in the dark comedy film The Cripple of Irishman.

Emma Watson

Emma started her acting career at the age of 10 as Hermione Grangerin 8 Harry Potter films. This auspicious start made him a renowned global child star. Among her other acting roles, she starred in The perks of Being a Wallflower,The Bling Ring, Beauty, and the Beast,and Little Women.

Now, this adorable kid has grown up into a gorgeous young face. Emma has won various awards and nominations throughout her career. She has gained recognition across the globe for her role in the entertainment industry and women's rights work.

She is one of the successful and aspiring women in the world who has dedicated herself to empowering women as a UN Goodwill Ambassador and also advocating for gender equality across the globe.

Jonathan Lipnicki

Jonathan made his acting debut at the age of 6 as a precocious and loveable kid in the film Jerry Maguire. This cute little boy also appeared in Stuart Little films, The Little Vampire, Little Mike, Dawson's Creeks,and Doctor Dolittle. Jonathan was also starred on TV on The Jeff Foxworthy Show.He was a huge child star who focused on smaller, independent films and also did large projects. You must be thinking that what is the actor up to now?

Now, this cute little boy has grown up into a handsome muscular adult. Jonathan is still working in showbiz and appeared in various films and TV shows including Interns of F.I.E.L.D, Beware the Lake, Limelight, and Circus Kane.Apart from it, he is also much interested in MMA and has been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Macaulay Culkin

The most famous child star of all time, Macaulay Culkin became arguably a famous and mega child star after starring in the Home Alone series. He started the work at age of 5 in TV movies but he was recognized worldwide at the age of 10 and got his big break in the Home Aloneseries. He was also a friend of Michael Jackson because he appeared in one of his music videos.

Macaulay took a break from acting after 1994's Richie Richand he got into some legal troubles. But, he returned in 2013 with smaller roles in Party Monsterand Saved.Macaulay is also a musician and painter. He continued acting and voiceover work. He provided his voice to Adult Swim's Robot Chickenand was also on The Jim Gaffigan Show.

Macaulay has been in a relationship with Brenda Song (his co-star in Changeland) since 2017. They welcomed their first child together, son Dakota Song Culkin in 2021.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan starred in The Parent Trapat the age of 11 and this outstanding performance cemented her as a Hollywood mainstay. She was a huge teen star and worked pretty well in popular films such as Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and Life Size. She played various roles in TV and films.

Unfortunately, her personal life was in trouble when she got arrested a few times in 2007 due to driving under the influence, drug-related crimes, and stealing accuses. Then, the former child star took a break from acting in the next few years and moved to London. Lindsay returned to the spotlight with movies Among the Shadowsand cameo roles on shows like 2 Broke Girls.

Furthermore, she opened two nightclubs in Greece and acted in the British Show Sick Note. Also, you can find more about her on her social medias.

Mary-Kate and ''' Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and ''' Ashley Olsen was the famous set of twins’ child stars in the 90s. They both appeared as babies on Full Housebefore moving into big screens of their films including When in Romeand Passport to Paris.The adorable twins also appeared in their own TV series Two of a Kindand The Adventures of Mary-Kate and ''' Ashley.In 2004, they acted together in the movie New York Minute. While Mary-Kate last appeared in Beastly in 2011.

Now, the Olsen twins take a step out from the spotlight of movies and ''' TV and they are now fashion industry superstars. Their fashion line and award-winning luxury brand labeled The Rowand trendy collection Elizabeth and ''' Jameshave gained huge popularity among fashion elites. Their style has evolved over the years and they've become the most successful fashion designers in the fashion industry.

Noelle and ''' Cali Sheldon

Do you remember Emma Geller-Greene, onscreen daughter of Rachel's and Ross in season 8 of Friends? This baby girl Emma role was played by twins Noelle and Cali Sheldon. Believe it or not, these cute babies have turned into gorgeous adults. Noelle and Cali turned 19 in April 2021.

The Sheldon twins graduated from high school in 2020. The adorable twins are still in acting since their Friends debut. Both twins recently appeared in Jordan Peele's movie Usas twins, Becca and Lindsey.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Remember the twin boys Zack and Cody Martin from Disney's channel The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?These twin boys are Dylan and Cole Sprouse. Their acting careers started at a pretty young age when Cole played the role of Ross Geller's son, Ben in the hit 90s season Friends. Twins take a short break from the entertainment industry to attend New York University.

Now, the twins are back to the acting spotlight in movies and TV. Both are pretty well-known to this day because of their work. Dylan made his recognition as a co-founder of New York meadery. Also, Dylan is starred in the film After We Collided.Moreover, Cole played the role of Jughead Jones in the CW's hit drama Riverdale.

Angus T. Jones

The child star rose to fame when he played the role of Jack Harper for 10 years on 00's hit sitcom Two and a Half Men.In 2012, a video of Angus speaking out against the sitcom surfaced online. The actor said in the video:

“If you're watching the sitcom Two and a Half Men, please stop watching it" He called it the comedy "filth". Later on, Angus released a statement apologizing for his remarks. Jones left the series and did not return for season 11 of Two and a Half Men.But, he returned for the finale series of season 12. He last appeared in 2016 in the limited series Horace and ''' Pete.

Afterward, Angus went to the University of Colorado for study. He told in the interview that he is living a normal life and he is enjoying where he is at. Furthermore, he joined the management team of the multimedia and event production company started by Justin Combsand Kene Orijoke.

Alisan Porter

The young actress rose to fame when he played the titular character in the 1991 film, Curly Sue. She also appeared in the series Family Ties, Golden Girls, and in a TV movie, When You Remember Me. Alisan won Star Search at the age of 5. The child star quit rating in 2008.

So where is the kid star now and what is she up to? After years away from the spotlight, Alisan come back into the entertainment world but not in acting, rather she popped up in season 10 of The Voiceand ended up winning. In the show, Alisan told that acting was not her true passion, rather singing is. Her latest album is 2019's Pink Cloud.

The Bottom Line

All the information related to famous kid actors gave ultimate nostalgic vibes. These stars become more famous with time and are now successful in their careers. They've grown up and changed over the years in young adorable faces. Also, fans always want to see them as they made the audience fall in love with them by their talent.

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