Things Celebrities Do That Ordinary People Cannot Do


This is something that most of us would like to achieve. Everyone has a fantasy of what it would be like to be rich and famous. I'd probably go wherever I wanted to go since I can do so. You're always being watched, but you also have more resources at your disposal than the average Joe. Some luxuries, like walking on red carpets and flying on private jets, are out of reach for the average person. Celebrities can accomplish certain things the rest of us can only dream of.

1. Using Twitter As A Google

Celebs frequently tweet inquiries that we would type into a search engine. We're okay with Cher doing this since she's an icon. There are a lot of resources at their disposal, so you'd think they would be able to use one that can give you the answer to every question, but why bother? This kind of social media utilization is something I've never seen before. Only a robot responds when I ask a question on Twitter.

2. Posing With 100 Cars In Your Driveway

My only mode of transportation is an automobile. At the age of twelve, it's anything but glamorous. On the other hand, Celebrities seem to operate under the premise that one vehicle is insufficient. The youngest Jenner is frequently photographed posing in front of various brand-new automobiles. There are a total of five people in that picture. Having five super-expensive cars simultaneously is something that most people will never experience.

3. Roller Skating Through Barney's

Rollerskating through a retail shop is a dream come true for many people. That sounds like a lot of fun now that you think about it. Oh, you never honestly considered doing that? Same. Before seeing Victoria Beckham do it, I had no idea it was something I wanted to try.

4. Using Cash As A Blanket

Most people would deposit their money in a bank if they had a significant amount. For the Kardashians, it serves as a blanket for their afternoon snoozes. One-dollar bills are the only thing that helps to ease my mind about this situation.

5. Using Cash As A Phone

To make matters worse, "Lord Disick" captioned his photo with the derogatory term "peasant." This kind of douchey behavior is reserved for just the most well-known celebrities. Nobody I know wants to be called "lord," and I don't know anyone who does either. Only a famous person could pull off anything like this.

6. Taking A Private Jet Like It's An Uber

The vast majority of us must use an app like Uber or Lyft to get around without driving ourselves. If you're like me, you will save a few dollars by taking an Uber or Lyft with a group of strangers. For the most part, celebrities have no idea what it's like to live without access to a private plane. I suppose I could achieve this if I sold an organ, but is it worth it?

7. Building A Mini-Mansion For Your Dog

Most pet owners are devoted to their animals and want to provide them with the finest possible care. This means rewarding my dog with a special treat now and again and taking her for lots of strolls around the neighborhood. For a truly memorable occasion, take your dog to the local park. To be Paris Hilton, it's all about making an adorable doghouse that even I would like to live in. Is it possible that this dog is aware of its good fortune? In other words, I hope they're savoring every second of their celebrity-studded existence. I'd happily swap places with this dog.

8. Having An Entire Closet For Just Your Fitness Gear

It wasn't long before Khloé Kardashian became obsessed with exercise. Half of my dresser is occupied with a few gym clothes. A whole section of Khlomoney's closet is devoted to her training attire. Are leggings essential for anyone? Are there washers in there? I don't have the answers, but she has a closet the size of my entire apartment full of clothes she wears only to work out. I mean, what the hell are you talking about?

9. Having An Entire Closet Just For Shoes

On the other hand, Mariah Carey has an entire closet dedicated to her footwear. Instead of a closet, you should name it a dresser drawer. That's a room you're looking at. There is an entire room in the house devoted solely to shoes. To find a pair of shoes, I often have to crawl into the tiniest of spaces in my wardrobe. Still, I'm not a huge fan of workout gear compared to sneakers. This is out of the ordinary people, but it's something I can respect.

10. Riding The Subway In A Ballgown

No, taking the subway is not glamorous, as anyone who has done so can attest. It's simply a sweltering, claustrophobic underground tube. I wouldn't ride the subway in a ballgown, and neither would the majority of the public unless they wanted some strange stuff on the bottom of their gowns. You can perform it as a cute civilian act if you're famous. Take the subway like everyone else, and we'll be on our way! What a hoot! If you don't use it every day to move about.

11. Wearing A Ballgown To The Park

Mariah Carey, for whatever reason, likes to wear ballgowns in areas where they're entirely superfluous. I'm not sure what it is about her. I can become a "super" person with all of the riches available. Only the rich and famous would be caught swinging their children in couture and high heels. Even if I owned a ballgown, I doubt I'd ever put it on, much less wear it to the park, for fear of damaging it. Some things, however, will remain a mystery to the rest of us mere mortals. It's possible, however, that all will work out in the end. The rich, famous, and fabulous aren't for everyone, and that's a fact. We could still be amazing, after all.

12. Vacations

Even though you may not be able to afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on holiday, celebrities who earn tens of millions of dollars each year frequently receive complimentary trips. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como, Italy, has three-night suites starting at $900 per night, and the Golden Door spa in Southern California, is valued at $9,850 a week.

13. Club Access

Cover charges and bottle service costs for some of the most popular nightclubs can be prohibitively expensive for non-celebrities; on the other end of the spectrum, celebs — even washed-up reality TV stars — are often paid to appear at these clubs. As reported by GQ, Scott Disick may earn up to $80,000 per night just for showing up at a Las Vegas club, and Ray J received $25,000 from each of the four clubs where he spent his birthday just a few months ago. Club appearances in Las Vegas can cost up to $200,000 for high-profile stars like Nicki Minaj.

14. Alcohol

Even if you go to your local liquor store, you're unlikely to stumble across a famous person because celebrities frequently receive booze as a present at award shows and on other occasions. A $23.99 bottle of Ferrari Trento wine was handed to celebrities who attended the official Grammys gifting room. According to Us Weekly, actresses Adrian Grenier and Gabrielle Union received a $60 bottle of Moet Imperial Nectar Rosé during the Sundance Film Festival.

15. Luxury Handbags

Despite their enormous wealth, celebrities rarely have to pay for expensive designer bags because their friends and family members frequently give them. As a result of their fame, the Kardashian sisters are commonly asked to model designer goods that have been sent to them, often by the designers themselves. Khloé Kardashian has already shown her Snapchat followers what she's been getting in the mail, which has included a slew of high-end handbags with correspondingly hefty price tags. As reported by the Daily Mail, she received a $10,000 Judith Leiber clutch and three Louis Vuitton handbags, each of which is estimated to be worth $5,500 or more.

16. High-End Clothes

Celebrities rarely foot the bill for their high-end wardrobe purchases. People are more likely to buy a brand's clothing if they see an A-lister wearing it. That's why fashion brands' public relations teams frequently give celebrities complimentary luxury products. According to the firm's size, stars can receive between 20 and 60 pieces of apparel per month from a particular clothing manufacturer. If a celebrity wears a specific brand at a public function, they may be compensated. According to the New York Post, Lea Michele was reportedly paid $20,000 to attend Coachella in a Lacoste outfit.

17. Baby Products

Celebrity women often receive thousands of dollars worth of baby clothing for their new children to wear for free, a significant financial burden for first-time parents. Designers including Céline, Lanvin, Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander Wang, , Kenzo, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, and Roberto Cavalli sent gifts to Kim Kardashian West's daughter, North. The Kenzo baby sweatshirt that North wore cost $96 on its own.

Celebrity kids, like the rest of us, are sometimes given diapers and strollers as gifts from their parents, according to Vulture.

18. Cosmetic Treatments

Aside from expensive facials, haircuts, personal training sessions, and (sometimes) hidden plastic surgery operations, stars don't always have to pay for all of their upkeep. Bazaar reported that a Vampire breast lift at $1,900 and laser treatments at 740 Park MD worth $5,530 was included in an Oscars gift bag. These cosmetic products are worth the cost when the high-end alternatives aren't.

19. Gym Memberships And Personal Training

Past gift packages have featured memberships to high-end gyms and VIP personal training sessions. According to CNN, a $700 six-month subscription to David Barton's gym was included in the 2014 Emmys goodie bag. Oscar gift packages from prior years contained ten sessions worth $900 from trainer Alexis Seletzky.

20. Food

Swag bags are packed with complimentary food since even celebs like to snack. Chubby Chipmunk hand-dipped chocolates, Drunken Fig Cake Bites, Opal apples, and Rouge maple syrup have all been found in the Oscar gift bags in the past, according to Business Insider. VIP gatherings attended by celebrities often include free food and beverages, as well as open bars.

Instead, celebrities like John Legend, who purchased Chrissy Teigen a massive wheel of cheese at an exorbitant price, chose to indulge.

21. Weight Loss Products

It's common to see celebrities promoting detox teas, protein shakes, and even weight loss medicines on Instagram - and they're not paying for them. Celebrities and social media stars are being born thousands of dollars to advertise businesses on their accounts because of the proliferation of sponsored content.

In addition to promoting detox Fit Tea on Instagram, Sarah Hyland and Ashley Benson have also advertised 310 Shakes and QuickTrim on their social media accounts. According to Esquire, star endorsement deals can pay up to $75,000 for a single Instagram post, regardless of whether or not the endorsers are using the products in the photographs.

22. Watches

According to Fox News, a $6,000 Jean Richard watch was given to VIP attendees at the Film Festival. Us Weekly says that Natasha Lyonne was also given a Huawei smartwatch with a gold plating of 24 karats at the Sundance Film Festival.

23. Tech Toys

A $250 vaporizer and $600 smart home starter kit were among the high-tech presents given to Oscar nominees who got the Distinctive Assets goodie bag from the Academy Awards, according to Business Insider. A $250 vaporizer and $600 smart home starter kit were among the high-tech presents given to Oscar nominees who got the Distinctive Assets goodie bag from the Academy Awards, according to Business Insider.

24. Celebrities Are Pampered Everywhere

Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber, don't you believe they'll get preferential treatment over other diners at a restaurant? Even in restaurants and theatres, celebrities are given preferential treatment because of their status as a celebrity. Isn't it fun to be granted first dibs at nightclubs or the best seats at award ceremonies? Of course, you would—and that's why this perk of fame is irresistible.

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