The First Cars and Homes of Celebrities


You can't get anywhere in life without first taking a step. Whether it's cricket, movies, or anything else, we can see this in the lives of the stars we witness. They had to start small before they were famous and had to grow their garages. This article will look at famous people's first cars and houses.


Considering that Angelina Jolie was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, you'd expect her childhood house to be more abundant than others. In Snedens Landing, New York, Angelina's childhood home had four bedrooms and two acres of private land.

Since becoming one of Hollywood's most successful actresses, she's purchased many properties and real estate assets. Los Feliz, Los Angeles, home of Angelina Jolie, is one of her most prized assets.

According to reports, the home was purchased for $24.5 million by Angelina Jolie. The house has six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and 11,000 square feet of living area. Angelina Jolie-lavish Pitt's home features include a pool house with cabanas and cabana-style guest quarters complete with a studio and a library.


Every hip-hop and rap fan knows that Eminem grew up in a working-class Detroit area. The title of his 2013 and 2000 Marshall Mathers studio albums feature a picture of his boyhood house. As a result, the house has degenerated into a condition of disrepair. On the other hand, Eminem has been able to buy some excellent real estate thanks to his considerable popularity and fortune earned throughout his career.

There is little doubt that Eminem made a wise investment decision by purchasing a stunning property in Rochester Hills, Michigan. According to a source, Slim reportedly paid $4.75 million for this 15,129-square-foot mansion back in 2003.

There are six bedrooms and nine bathrooms in Eminem's estate in the Los Angeles area. This mansion has everything you could want extravagantly, including a tennis court, pool, five-car garage, and even a lake!


Hollywood legend John Travolta is an actor and a singer in addition to his many other talents. Englewood, New Jersey, is where he was raised in a three-story house. When he and his family of eight were all waiting for their big break in Hollywood, they all lived in this house. A look into Travolta's boyhood house is a stark contrast to the huge mansion where he now lives.

Today, the Grease star has accumulated several real estate interests due to his success in the entertainment sector. His lovely property in Anthony, Florida, is one of his assets. Travolta's Florida home isn't your average celebrity property by any means!

It is located in the prestigious Jumbolair Aviation Estates residential airpark and has a private airfield. For a reported $5 million, the actor purchased the site that houses five of his jets, including a gigantic Boeing 707.


Michael Jackson grew up in Gary, Indiana, alongside the rest of the Jackson family in a single-story house. The eleven family members lived in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home, which was relatively modest. Before the Jackson Five became famous, Michael's entire family lived there.

They moved to Hollywood in quest of a better life after becoming household names in the entertainment industry. Early in the '70s, the Jacksons purchased a two-acre land and moved in. Eventually, Michael decided to forge his career in show business and music, and he has achieved great success as a solo performer.

Pop music's King of Pop spent his spare time investing in real estate to grow his fortune further. He bought a ranch in 1988 and named it the Neverland Ranch right away. One of Michael's Neverland Ranch properties is a 13,000-square-foot main mansion situated on 2,700 acres. As much as $30 million was reportedly paid for the property. You can find an arcade, three railroads, and a variety of other amusements here!


Rihanna grew up in a poor small bungalow-style house in Saint Michael, Barbados. In addition to her parents and two brothers. A more expensive and luxurious real estate investment was a no-brainer for her because of her enormous success in the profession. She wouldn't have a problem paying the mortgage!

Rihanna has acquired a stunning property in Los Angeles, which she plans to decorate to her heart's content. She paid roughly $6.8 million for the 7,130-square-foot home with six bedrooms and eight baths.

Additionally, the singer will have access to many celebrity-level luxuries when she's not in the studio working on new music. Her Los Angeles home is currently being rented out for $35,000 a month by Rihanna, living in London for the previous two years.


Taylor Swift lived in a decent three-story house before becoming a pop sensation and well-known personality in the entertainment business. Nashville, Tennessee, is where she grew up, and you might argue that her childhood home was elegant and significant. When Taylor finally made it big, it was a no-brainer for her to move on and improve her living conditions.

Several assets and real estate interests owned by Taylor Swift have been publicly disclosed. At present, Taylor lives in a stunning Nashville penthouse that is one of the singer's many properties. Taylor shelled out an estimated $2 million for the two-story penthouse, including three bedrooms and four baths. She often relaxes on this property when she's not working on new music in Nashville.


There is a good chance that you are familiar with Zac Efron from his role as "Troy Bolton" on the hit Disney television series High School Musical. Arroyo Grande, California, was home to Zac's formative years. His childhood home had a garage, a large driveway, and greenery, but he remembered it relatively modest.

Zac's decision to buy a home was made much easier by his considerable financial success as an actor. Los Files is only 200 miles away from his hometown, so he didn't have to relocate. In 2013, he paid $4 million for a magnificent mansion.

The 5,640 square feet of the living area included five bedrooms and five baths. At the pool area and on the balcony, there are stunning views of Los Angeles that can only be seen from the pool area and the balcony.


Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a household name since he was an actor, a bodybuilding legend, and a former governor of the United States of America. Arnold was raised in a modest two-story house in Austria, where he was born.

It used to be a house in Thal, a town near Graz, but it is now vacant. But rather than selling his childhood home, Arnold worked with the city to turn it into an Arnold-themed museum, displaying his work as a bodybuilder, actor, and pop icon.

Arnold's transfer to the United States has been a resounding success. Today, he is content in his Brentwood mansion, which is enormous and opulent! There are seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms inside Arnold's 14,500 square-foot Brentwood home. It has a tennis court, a swimming pool, a home office, and an in-home gym. He purchased it in the early 2000s.


Celebrity actor Chris Pratt grew up in Lake Stevens, Washington, and resides in Los Angeles. At seven, Pratt moved into this beautiful home with his family. Almost a decade later, Pratt decided to go on a solo journey, and he ended up in Hawaii working as a waiter and living in his van.

You'd imagine that Chris Pratt is no longer living out of his van. He now owns a $3.3 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills, one of many investments in real estate.

Pratt and his then-wife, Anna Faris, lived in this 4,500-square-foot mansion. The house price includes the saltwater pool, tennis court, gym, and other celebrity-level luxuries. Chris Pratt and his now-wife, Kathy Schwarzenegger, are building a new $15.6 million estate.

10. Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon used to frequent the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn. Saugerties, New York, is where he grew up in a modest two-story house with his parents. His parents were able to raise a legendary comedian in a residence that didn't have any costly or luxurious amenities, but it was adequate for them. His current home in Sagaponack, Long Island, New York, is a stark contrast to the one he grew up in.

A stunning Long Island estate is an obvious choice for Fallon. Given the millions, he's amassed as a performer. The 3,500-square-foot house he repurchased a few years cost him $5.7 million. House included a swimming pool, horse stables, and a host of other abundant features in the home. Fallon will have no issue paying for the insurance and upkeep charges with all his current projects!


There's no denying that Lebron James is a role model for grit and determination in the present era. He used his skills as a basketball player to make a name for himself in the NBA and become a household name. Because of the hardships of his childhood, Lebron deserves much praise.

According to reports, between the ages of 3 and 17, James struggled to find a permanent residence. He slept in his coach's two-story Akron, Ohio, home, where he slept on many couches. Lebron James is not only one of the finest players in the NBA, but he is also one of the richest.

Assuming his financial advisor got the go-ahead for the Brentwood, LA mansion purchase, we have no doubts that he did it legally. There are eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms in Lebron's new home, with a gated driveway. Chef's kitchen, cinema, wine cellar, and gym are just some of the other amenities included in the property.


Miley Cyrus is a household name in pop culture right now. She's a singer, actor, and record producer from the Nashville area of Tennessee, and she spent her childhood in a lovely farmhouse not far from the city. Because Billy Ray is her father, you'd expect her to live in an expensive home. It was a no-brainer for her to upgrade her living quarters when she became a music sensation herself!

Miley resides in a luxurious Los Angeles home in the Hidden Hills neighborhood. According to reports, the house, which has six bedrooms and six and a half baths, was purchased in 2018 for $4.95 million. Along with a gourmet kitchen, pool, home theatre, and many fireplaces.

Miley Cyrus's Hidden Hills mansion also boasts several celebrity-level features. You'd think that maintaining and insuring a home of this size would be prohibitively expensive! However, we're convinced that Miley will be able to overcome this obstacle with ease!


In addition to her acting, singing, and producing talents. Originally from Grand Prairie, Texas, she grew up in a single-story home in a suburban neighborhood. It found no expensive celebrity-grade amenity in Selena's childhood home; it was just an ordinary house. When she appeared on Barney and '' Friends as a 10-year-old, it was enough to launch a successful career.

Selena went from obscurity to stardom months after making her acting debut on MTV. Selena Gomez is a real estate investor, much like her good friend Taylor Swift. Selena Gomez has purchased at least four residences in the last few years.

Tom Petty, the legendary singer-songwriter, used to own the mansion where Selena currently resides. Selena has ten bathrooms, six bedrooms, and a recording studio with a separate voice booth at her present home. A wine cellar, sunken living area, and massage rooms are just a few of the great features of this luxurious home.


Ellie Goulding's rise to fame was swift. In 2009, she got a record deal with Polydor Records and her manager, Jamie Lillywhite. An introduction to Ellie Goulding was released later that year.

Even though her attorneys barely had time to evaluate her contracts, Goulding was already at the top of the BBC's annual "Sound of..." poll the following year. That wasn't enough for her. She also received the Critics' Choice Award in 2010.

After her album became commercially successful, Goulding opted to leave her first house in Lyonshall, a small English village on the Welsh border.

The songwriter decided to acquire a newer, sleeker, and more spacious central London home because she was now frequently visited by celebrities. We just closed on the sale of this property. Goulding is also expecting a kid and is taking extra precautions during her pregnancy.

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