34 Most Outrageous and Hilarious Contract Demands of Famous Celebrities


All successful people are demanding and full of what they want. They get what they require when they need it. And often, the demands of high-profile celebrities have become the norm for many jobs. Although some of these examples seem extreme, we must face the fact that these demands reflect our society's values and norms (in a world where everyone appears to be a celebrity). However, if you think this is too much or ridiculous for you to handle in your everyday life, think again! In fact, many famous celebrities themselves are probably laughing hysterically at these contracts. In fact, this post features "the funniest contract demands" from 34 notable celebrities.

1. Taylor Swift - $1 Million

This is one of the most famous celebrity contract demands of all time! Taylor Swift is a very independent person who won't accept a single cent from any record label while she's an independent artist.

In fact, her contract demands for her album 1989 demanded that she be paid $1 million if her label tried to change any of the music or lyrics. However, if the label had chosen to pay Taylor $500,000 per album (not including touring), they could have bought the rights to all of Taylor's master recordings and published them at their own discretion.

2. Michael Jordan - A $50,000 "Jordan Spasm"

Michael Jordan's contract demands were a little out there. For example, he demanded his hand be frozen in a certain position if he needed to shake hands with anyone. He also asked for his skin to be left in the freezer so he could put it there to mimic the look of a "cold-blooded killer" whenever he needed to intimidate his opponents.

In return, Michael got paid $100 million for playing in all 82 games in the playoffs and leading the Chicago Bulls to win six NBA championships and 2 MVP awards.

3. Tom Cruise - 10% Of His Gross Income

Tom Cruise demanded that he get 10% of all gross income from his movie post-production and music career.

This would include 3% of the income from ancillary profits such as DVD, merchandise, and music sales and 3% of all gross ticket receipts.

However, he was willing to give up 10% of his gross income if his cast and crew had to work 40 hours a week for 6 months with no health benefits.

4. Jack Osbourne - 10% Of His Gross Income

Jack Osbourne has been a surprisingly decent person to work with on all of his projects. However, he's got some extreme contract demands, requiring 10% of his gross income and 10% of everyone else's.

He also stated that he will not take his clothes off in the film unless all of the other actors are naked and "begging him to do their scenes."

5. Sarah Jessica Parker - A $500,000 Invoice (Won't Happen)

Sarah Jessica Parker demanded that HBO send her a bill for $500,000 to allow them to use Sarah's name on the Sex and the City series.

She also made it clear that she would not allow HBO to use "Sex" or "City" in anything related to their series promotion.

6. Jennifer Lopez - A $250,000 Invoice

Jennifer Lopez has asked to get a $250,000 invoice from American Airlines so she can "tear it up in front of their eyes."

She's also asked for at least six armed security guards to accompany her on all flights worldwide. However, the TSA needed to approve their weapons before every flight.

7. Kim Kardashian - $1.7 Million

We're not sure what to say about this one besides that it's ridiculous. Kim Kardashian's contract demands included a $1.7 million payment to her every time she tweeted while on a plane, a $500,000 payment to her every time she took a picture of herself on JetBlue airlines, and another $250,000 every time she posted an Instagram snap.

8. Marilyn Manson - $4.3 Million

This is probably one of the most ridiculous celebrity contracts demands ever. However, it's worth noting that Marilyn Manson did ask that he be paid $9000 per hour while filming his role in "Battlefield Earth." If he was also allowed to smoke weed between takes, he would only accept $9000 if he was paid less than $40,000 per day.

9. Taylor Swift - Wants Her Ex-Boyfriend/Fiance's Name Removed from Her Website

Taylor Swift wrote a letter to her fans asking them to remove Tom's name from her website because he already owns its copyright. She then offered a $1 million payment if they could do that within 30 days.

10. Kate Winslet - $1 Million

Kate Winslet's contract demands were reasonable for a Hollywood A-lister. However, she made some ridiculous requests, such as being called 'Mum' by her parents and only supervising the film's editing in the post-production stage.

11. Will Ferrell - A $25,000 Invoice for His Own Portrait

Will Ferrell asked that he be sent a bill for his own portrait immediately after getting it done. He also requested that the portrait be covered in rhinestones and that it be signed personally by the artist.

12. James Franco - A Free Apartment

James Franco wanted to stay in an apartment owned by a friend and demanded that he would not pay any rent if he got the role in "127 Hours.

13. Brad Pitt - A Pair of Sunglasses

Brad Pitt asked for a pair of sunglasses so he could write an essay about them. He also demanded that these be custom-made for him with tinted lenses.

14. Daniel Craig - A New Bugatti Veyron

Daniel Craig asked for a $1 million deposit if he accepted the role of James Bond and that this should be paid to his production company as long as he had no other demands on the production budget.

He also requested that the filmmakers fly him out to Los Angeles every two weeks so he could be on set.

15. Jennifer Lopez - A $1 Million Invoice For Her Heart Surgery

Jennifer Lopez demanded that her "heart" be surgically removed from her body and then sent to the studio for testing. She also asked for a $1 million invoice so she could sign it in front of them for the film to be recognized as authentic.

16. Will Smith - A New Jaguar

Will Smith wanted to be flown by private jet every other week and required four new Jaguars. His agent also wanted a "kid's room, a screening room, and an entertainment room."

17. Tom Cruise - $10 Million

Tom Cruise said he would only do the film if his salary was doubled to $20 million for two weeks of work, which would mean that he'd get paid a total of $40 million. He also asked for a brand-new Corvette, probably costing him around $200,000 or about $300,000 each.

18. Nicolas Cage - $1 Million

Nicolas Cage was paid a paltry $100,000 for his role in "Con Air," so he demanded that he be paid $1 million and a car just for being in the film. But his contract was later denied when it was revealed that the film would not be worth $40 million if it were based on the actual events.

19. Tim Gunn - A New Jaguar S-Type

Tim Gunn demanded that he be given a brand-new Jaguar S-Type as part of his payment. However, this also proved too expensive to afford, so it was later denied.

20. Brad Pitt - $1 Million

Brad Pitt wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to stay in the movie. He also offered to lower his salary to $8 million if Leo did so. He also asked for a suite on set, a private bathroom, and that he would only need to appear on set for five weeks.

21. Megan Fox - A Shower

Megan Fox demanded that she should be "allowed access to a shower on set when necessary." Basically, this was written into her contract because she didn't want to walk off the film due to being grossed out by her own body odor.

22. Heath Ledger - Five Years of Salary

Heath Ledger wanted his entire salary of $10 million from "The Dark Knight" films and a one-hundredth share of any profits that the company makes off of him after "The Dark Knight" is done filming.

23. Tom Cruise - A New Corvette

Tom Cruise wanted to be given a $150,000 fully loaded 2001 Corvette. He also wanted two absolutely free hotel suites at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

24. Christopher Nolan - A $6 Million Fee (Won't Happen!)

Christopher Nolan asked for a $6 million fee for directing the film "The Dark Knight." This would have increased the amount that Warner Bros. would have had to pay him to direct each movie from the projected cost of $60 million to $76 million.

25. Claire Danes - A Simple $1 Million

Claire Danes' agent asked for a $1 million fee even though she was only willing to work for her standard rate of $70,000. However, this demand was denied for being too high.

26. Ron Howard - A Free House

Ron Howard demanded that the studio provide him with a free house in London because he didn't want to be staying at a hotel during production. This would have cost the studio around $900,000.

27. Madonna - A Lenny Kravitz Date

Madonna wanted to be allowed to have a one-on-one date with Lenny Kravitz during the movie's filming. She also said she needed a screenwriter and a director who were both "women."

28. Matt Damon - A '79 Mercedes Benz

Matt Damon requested only being given a "1979 Mercedes Benz" to feel like James Bond. He also asked that it be in good condition, black with no rips or damage and that the license plates be blanked out.

29. Penelope Cruz - A New Role in The Film

Penelope Cruz was offered a small part in "The Dark Knight" and was offered a role in the sequel. However, when it was revealed that she'd only been given one scene, her agent demanded that she be given another role to make up for not being given the bigger part originally. This meant that she could require millions for her acting fees, which would have cost Warner Bros. millions of dollars.

30. Halle Berry - A New House

Halle Berry demanded that Warner Bros. provide her with a new house to stay in during filming. This would have cost the studio around $6 million, which is more than the actual production budget for the film. She also requested that she be given an assistant, who would have cost another $100,000 per month.

31. Jennifer Aniston - A Stylist

Jennifer Aniston demanded that she be given a personal stylist to help her with wardrobe and clothing. This would have cost the studio around $150,000. She also asked for a designer bag each time she appeared in public and a personal trainer to keep herself in shape for each film.

32. Ryan Gosling - The Role Of Neo

Ryan Gosling wanted to be given the role of Neo in "The Matrix." He tried to re-write the script and significantly influenced the production. This demand was later turned down due to WB not wanting him involved in the project.

33. Harrison Ford - A Free House

Harrison Ford demanded that Warner Bros. provide him with a free house during the filming of "The Dark Knight." This would have cost around $7 million, which didn't include any furniture, decorations, food, or groceries.

34. Leonardo DiCaprio - A Personal Assistant

Leonardo DiCaprio asked for a personal assistant to be given to him during filming. This would have cost the studio around $100,000 per week, and he also wanted a $10 million fee for his work in the film.

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