These Hollywood Celebrities Personal Assistants Spill the Tea


A celebrity personal assistant has one of the most challenging jobs out there, not just because they have to be on call 24/7. The job includes helping celebrities handle their daily lives, which can often include time spent in an arena where ego is king and managers try to control a star's every move.

That's why this list was created - to show you famous people who make all the wrong choices in managing their assistants. These celebrity personal assistant stories will let you know what it's like behind the scenes with different Hollywood celebs who are supposed to be worth millions but don't treat them very well or give them the credit they deserve when they get on a winning streak.

Plus, you'll get to know the assistants who've been working for them for years and who have had enough of their daily disrespect. Plus, because this list is based on reality, it will have more names and fewer accounts.

1. Beyoncé - Mimi Haleyi

Beyoncé became a worldwide sensation performing at the Super Bowl half-time show in 2014, and she needed a personal assistant to help her maintain that momentum. She landed on Mimi Haleyi. The two reportedly had a complicated relationship, even though they were together for three years before Mimi quit in November 2015. TMZ reported that the breakup happened after Beyoncé's management team was unhappy with her New York holiday schedule.

Fans of Beyoncé know that her husband Jay-Z is notorious for keeping her on a tight schedule, and they're used to seeing them together at their shows. However, the management reportedly wasn't happy that Beyoncé was spending time with Mimi instead of Jay-Z, and she got upset.

It sounds like Beyoncé needs to learn to separate work from play if she wants to continue being successful because this isn’t the first time that she's been accused of not treating people around her well. She started notoriously tough on employees by having them sign strict nondisclosure agreements.

2. Gigi Hadid - Sidney Sheldon

Gigi Hadid is the famous sister of another fashion model, Bella Hadid. Gigi landed her first Vogue cover at the age of just 19, which came as a bit of a surprise to people who didn't know that she'd been working as a model since she was a teenager. She's been known to have an attitude on and off the runway, but it's not just bad behavior; success has also left her unprepared for what comes next.

In October 2015, Gigi hired personal assistant Sidney Sheldon, who had previously worked with Channing Tatum and Jessica Alba. However, Sidney later said she was only associated with the project for weeks before it was canceled because Gigi Hadid had found another personal assistant.

A few months later, Sidney quit her gig as Gigi's PA and said that she wasn't happy with how the management treated her. She claimed that she asked for a raise but got nothing, and it was also her job to do their laundry and clean up after the stars when they had parties.

3. Will Smith - Jada Pinkett Smith's Daughters

Will Smith is one of Hollywood's biggest stars who has starred in multiple blockbusters, including Independence Day, Men in Black, and Men in Black II. He's pretty lucky to be able to make millions of dollars for every single movie he does, but that doesn't mean his assistants don’t get treated poorly.

Jada Pinkett Smith was so upset with Will Smith that she tweeted in 2015 after a magazine article about how difficult it is to work for him. She posted a screenshot of the article on IG and wrote, "I wish I could tell you all how hard it is to work for him. Why would you put this out here? Shame on you." However, Later Jada told the AP that she and Will had control over their financial affairs, including their assistants. She said, "We are all grownups. We are in control of our destiny."

It sounds like Jada and Will had a lot of growing up to manage their assistants because they've both got a lot of money and shouldn't treat people that badly. This is one Hollywood couple that needs to sit down and talk about improving their management style if they want to stay together.

4. Alicia Keys - Taalibah Muhammad

Alicia Keys rose to fame with the success of her soulful soundtracks on the TV show, Empire and she also can be seen singing at the 2016 Super Bowl 50 halftime show. She's one of the most famous musicians around, and she needed an assistant from time to time. What happened next was a nightmare.

She hired Taalibah Muhammad in October 2013, and her job lasted a year before Ms. Keys fired her and took away Alicia's company car, cell phone, and credit card. She also stopped depositing the paycheck Keys was supposed to pay her into her bank account. When Taalibah called Alicia to ask about everything, she got no answers. The problem was that Alicia Keys was living in France until she decided to go back home to New York. A few days later, when she returned, she fired Taalibah Muhammad.

Ms. Muhammad claims that she was a longtime employee who started working for Alicia Keys in 2007. She never saw any problems with Keys until she won her first Grammy, and then everything turned sour. She also accused Alicia of sending her threatening emails and text messages. She claimed that she belongs to a group called "The Ya-Yas," an organization of young Black women who support each other.

5. Dwayne Johnson - Dany Garcia

Now, this is a big leak! In an early March 2016 interview with GQ, it was reported that the Fast and Furious star has been working with a veteran manager and publicist, Dany Garcia. The article mentions that he's known her since 2008, and she started helping him when he was a rising star.

They've worked together ever since, but they haven't become close friends yet. He described his relationship with Garcia as "professional and respectful," but he also said they try to avoid each other on set. He added, "I know her and her team well. We don't talk because I don't want to be around people who know what I do for work.”

Dwayne Johnson is a busy man, busy enough for his lady friend to have her team handle things for her. However, some jobs can't be delegated, and this one might be too much work for anyone besides Dwayne Johnson himself. He's a fighter and is known as The Rock in Hollywood, so it sounds like he has the energy to handle everything independently.

6. Chris Brown - Lil’ Chris

Chris Brown has been a very successful singer, and he's also currently an actor who was featured in the show Empire. There is no denying his success, but it hasn't been very easy for him. In 2012 when he was arrested for beating up Rihanna, it was clear that he needed some help. He hired another personal assistant, Lil' Chris, and things went well for a month or two. He stated that the two worked together "hand-in-hand," but things took a turn for the worst when he got into an argument with Lil' Chris and eventually fired him on Christmas Eve 2011 because he didn't feel like working with him anymore.

Lil' Chris didn't like how he was fired, so the two had a significant altercation that turned physical. Lil' Chris was arrested for battery but claimed that he acted in self-defense because Chris Brown punched him in the face. Lil' Chris has since continued to work with other celebrities, but it looks like he's still angry about how things worked out between him and Chris Brown, so it might be difficult for him to be on good terms with the singer again.

7. Madonna - Ingrid Casares

In 2015, Madonna hired Ingrid Casares as her assistant after rehab and went back home to London. She hired her to do a lot of work, including organizing her schedules, making sure she eats right and gets plenty of sleep. They got along well at first, but they didn't get to see much of each other after Madonna went back on tour and Ingrid took some time off.

When the tour started up again, and Madonna was in South Africa, Ingrid Casares quit and returned home due to severe stress while working with Madonna. She told The Daily Mail that it wasn't an easy job because Madonna works all day long without any breaks. Ingrid explained, "Madonna doesn't take a day off. She works from early in the morning until late at night... She is an abusive boss and is impossible to work for. She manipulates her staff; she cries if she does not get her way and does not treat her employees with respect.”

Is this what Madonna has done? Is she bullying everyone around her by making demands that no one could meet? She didn't like being criticized and fired Ingrid Casares, but it sounds like she was a horrible boss to work for. Perhaps Ingrid Casares decided to quit because things got bad between them and the last thing that anyone would want is to be in a hostile environment at their job.

8. Mayra Cardi - Lana Del Rey

This is a story that is just too crazy to believe. It all started when Mayra Cardi made a post on Instagram talking about how much she loves her job as Lana Del Rey's assistant. She even said she was "living the dream," and everyone was so confused at first because they thought that Mayra was referring to Lana as her boss. The real question here is, does Lana Del Rey have a personal assistant?

Well, it turns out that one woman had the answer, and her name is Jasmine Safaei. She worked for Lana Del Rey from 2014 to 2016 and was listed as a live-in employee in her New York City apartment. Jasmine Safaei is also known as "Boss Lady" in the music industry due to her connections with some of the biggest celebrities, including Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, etc.

On the other hand, Mayra Cardi could not be reached for comment when asked about working for Lana Del Rey, and it's possible that she had no idea that Jasmine Safaei was her boss since she didn't go through stage names or anything like that while they were living together. Still, this story is hilarious because Mayra Cardi has worked as an assistant since 2012.

9. Kevin Hart - Donaghey Williams

Kevin Hart is one of the funniest stars in Hollywood right now, so it's a surprise to find out that he has to replace his assistant often. In 2014, Kevin Hart replaced his assistant with a guy named Donaghey Williams, and they worked together for two years until things took a turn for the worst.

It all started when Donaghey Williams got in trouble because he used Kevin Hart's Instagram account to post inappropriate images and comments. At first, Kevin Hart thought it was funny, but he soon found out that his assistant was deleting the words on purpose and stopped communicating with him altogether. Kevin Hart fired him and took back control of his Instagram account.

10. Nicki Minaj - Dax Flame

Nicki Minaj might be the most famous personality on this list because she's hilarious, talented, and many people enjoy her music. She had a talented personal assistant named Dax Flame who made sure she got to all her appointments, but things didn't go as planned. It all started when Nicki Minaj caught him making hands-on advances on one of her female assistants. He was fired soon after that incident occurred, and it looks like he hasn't been able to work for anyone else for some time now.

Dax Flame eventually went to an attorney and sued Nicki Minaj for $1 million, claiming she fired him unfairly. A judge went ahead and approved his lawsuit and stated that he was owed a lot of money. He also made up a bunch of stuff about Nicki Minaj being abusive toward him, but there was no proof of this happening at all. It sounds like Dax Flame went out of his way to make up terrible stories about her so he could get some money from her.

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