Mistakes Due to Which Celebrities Lost Their Careers


The entertainment industry and Fans alike adored these celebrities until a single misstep ruined their careers. Some were involved in horrific accidents or criminal acts. “Several others turned in dreadful performances — or received dreadful critiques for theirs.

A person has claimed to believe that the Earth is flat on Twitter. Who hoped to become president but ended up as a meme instead?' Then who threw the elevator-punching sucker-punch?

Several of the stars on this list have either voluntarily or were forced out of the public eye following their life-changing events, and a few have even attempted to make a comeback. Regardless of the facts of the situation, the end consequence was the same—all of the fame and wealth vanished.

The "fifteen minutes of fame" cliche has been around for a long time, for a good reason. Despite this, these celebrities were not anticipating losing their jobs in the blink of an eye. If you want to relive the shocking events, continue reading.


Lindsay Lohan comes, better known as "Mean Girl" Lindsay Lohan. Since the age of three, Lindsay Lohan has lived the Hollywood childhood fantasy of millions of other youngsters. As the saying goes, the value of something is only recognized when it's gone.

Many celebrities have damaged their careers by alcohol, drugs, and criminality, and Lindsay Lohan is no exception. Over the years, she became one of the most controversial actors in Hollywood after being sacked from numerous film and television projects.

In a never-ending cycle of court appearances, arrests, and treatment, Lindsay, who had starred in several critically acclaimed films, did her best to kick her drug addiction, but nothing worked. She is now planning to launch a lifestyle website after many television and film failures.


Even if a person had no prior knowledge of golf, they would have heard about Tiger Woods. He is a true gentleman and a champion in his field. His professional golfing career has been suspended indefinitely. And that's because of one of the most egregious instances of adultery in history.

Before 2009, Woods' sexual encounters with multiple women were kept a secret from the public. After these discoveries, several women came forward to say that they had had sex with the highest-paid athlete, a professional golfer.

Irreconcilable differences between him and his wife were the final nail in the coffin that brought him to the brink of death. As a result of his romances with porn stars, club girls, and cocktail waitresses, Woods' professional golf career was ruined and that of his wife, Elin Nordegren.


The mind is corrupted by money, and stardom often takes over when tens of thousands of people clap and scream your name. One of today's most talented dancers and singers, Chris Brown, had the same fate. When he assaulted Rihanna, he set the ball rolling.

Brown's career took a nosedive after he was accused of domestic violence, which resulted in the cancellation of all of his contracts and removing his songs from various radio stations. In light of this, he was denied a visa to the United Kingdom as well, and despite his repeated apologies to Rihanna and his and her followers, he will never achieve the fame he could have had if he had behaved more manly.

For the second time in two years, Brown lost control and flung an object against a window, injuring several people. In addition to the domestic violence case, Brown continues to be plagued by several legal troubles. So, whenever you feel the want to worship him or anyone else, keep these things in mind.


The man with the ponytails made the audience laugh with his filthy jokes. Katt Williams, of course, and he's been on a downward spiral for a long time now. In a matter of seconds, a stand-up comedian's career was destroyed. Many of Katt's dumb activities have resulted in his time in jail and rehab.

Katt is well-known for his outrageous antics, including everything from stealing valuables (cameras, jewelry, coins, etc.) to beating up a 7th grader and then getting his a$$ kicked. But in truth, he is a complete failure who has missed out on every chance he has. Tossing salt shakers at a restaurant manager and hitting a tractor driver are two examples of Williams' bizarre behavior.


In what way do you hope you will remember Caitlyn Jenner in the future? Bruce Jenner, the Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete who underwent a sex transition procedure and became Caitlyn?

However, Jenner's personal life severely impacted her profession, which ultimately led to her demise. Jenner is now officially a woman, but her career has been ruined by her numerous cosmetic operations, complicated relationships, and weddings to strangers.

As a result of Jenner's admission that she is transgender, her career has taken a turn for the worse. She tried several other career paths, but she failed miserably at nearly all. She even got a Golden Raspberry Award for The Worst Picture for her film Can't Stop the Music (when she was Bruce).


As a result of his several sprinting gold medals, Oscar Pistorius was hailed as a national hero in South Africa. When he was barely 11 months old, Pistorius had amputated both legs below the knee. On Valentine's Day in 2013, Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, despite success having been kissing his toes.

After Oscar Pistorius' murder accusations were confirmed, Nike terminated its deal with him, and Pistorius also lost several other sponsors. He was convicted of murder in 2016 and sentenced to six years in jail. No gold medal, no degree, and no charities will be able to help him regain the celebrity status he formerly enjoyed when he has utterly damaged his career.


Mel Gibson, a former "action hero," has been blacklisted by Hollywood. However, he has since become one of the world's most reviled celebrities. In addition to reckless driving, he was found guilty of domestic violence. When a Jewish police officer caught him, Gibson exclaimed, "F*cking Jews...the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Do you identify as Jewish?" Later, he tried to use his acting skills to cover up the truth, but it didn't work out so well. However, his saga did not come to an end there. To show that he was truly sorry, he had even requested to meet with Jewish leaders who could guide him in the right direction.

It was revealed that Gibson had recorded a phone call to his longtime girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. On the other hand, his companion received a sweet note from him informing him that she looked like "an effing piggy in heat" and "it will all be your fault if you get attacked by a whole pack of niggers." Wow! Thank you for everything, Mel.

8. DMX

He is one of the greatest rap artists ever. He has won multiple prizes, been nominated for the Grammys, and appeared in several high-profile films and music videos. However, just as his career was about to reach its pinnacle, it fell apart. Because of the accusations of drug abuse, animal cruelty, burglary, firearm possession, and under the influence of drugs and alcohol, he has lost his public image.

DMX was apprehended with cocaine and a gun at JFK International Airport. He made the mistake of attempting to carjack a vehicle while pretending to be an FBI agent. Legal troubles and numerous arrests have left DMX in such a predicament that an apology will not suffice.


One of just five female rappers to have ever topped the Billboard Hot 100, this female rapper was spotted outside the Pizza Bar one early morning. Barnes-Joseph, whom she suspected had taken her money. Then she shoots her. Remy Ma was arrested for witness tampering after she refused to admit to shooting the woman.

She got so cold-hearted that she plundered the woman's pocketbook before driving away while the woman was still bleeding. In less than a month, Remy Ma sent one of her male buddies to attack the partner of a witness. Remy Ma's career was ruined due to her six-year prison sentence. However, she is now embroiled in a rivalry with Nicki Minaj, which could help her resurrect her career.


When he shed a lot of weight and became an inspirational figure for fat people everywhere, this former Subway TV representative had a life-changing employment chance. As a result of his weight loss, he was given a second job as a spokesperson for Subway. Many other overweight men looked forward to him since he could control his cravings for fast food and other unhealthy meals.

It was only a matter of seconds before Jared went from the pinnacle of happiness to the depths of despair because of stunning and disturbing truths about him. A pedophile, or someone who sexually abuses minors, was exposed as Jared Fogle. He ruined his entire professional and personal life due to this stunning revelation.

Fogle was convicted in 2015 of having child pornography in his possession and paying prostitutes to bring him young girls so they could have sex. Secret recordings of his voicemails and texts show that he had a particular "craving" for minors, both girls and boys. Fogle faces a minimum sentence of 13 years in prison. I guess you'll have to go elsewhere for motivation to lose weight now.


Alcohol and drug misuse have contributed to Britney's downfall because of her mental illness and alcoholism. Spears' stage presence has dwindled somewhat since her heyday. As a teenager, she was one of the most popular pop stars in the United States. She has become nothing more than a deranged woman responsible for her downfall. As much as we love the Britney Spears of the world, let's not forget the woman who shaved her head for her vanity.

Britney is aware that her career is ended, but she hasn't given up on her dream of becoming a pop star. The singer's announcement of her first Las Vegas residency show indicates that she's admitted her career's not going anywhere. Despite the efforts, she makes to lip-sync and the distractions her team members constantly provide, she has lost all of her charm and charisma. Britney, I'm sorry, but this conversation is finished.


Judy Garland gave it her all for more than four decades, but her career as an adult was marred by failure after failure. A star in the 1930s and '40s, she lost her cool and was sacked from several programs for various reasons, including no-shows. She was on the verge of bankruptcy because of her drinking, drug use, and multiple failed marriages.

Judy died from an unintentional overdose of prescribed medications just a few months after her 47th birthday. Judy was the exception to the rule in an industry where you're expected to be able to handle the results of both success and failure.

Judy bowed to the pressure of Hollywood executives since she was unable to control her weight gain. As a result, she was found dead with the label of a drug addict plastered across her body.


Even Hernandez's fellow athletes no longer feel sorry for him after going from a promising NFL star to a killer. The individual was gifted athletically, but he chose the wrong career route. He damaged many people's lives, including those of his victims, the relatives of those victims, and even members of his own family, before dying.

Aaron was a waste of time. Everything, including his professional football career, was wrecked by him. Among other things, he was responsible for the death of Odin Lloyd and several other crimes. A decade of excellence loomed over Hernandez when he decided to hang up his cleats in 2013. The day after his death, on April 19th, 2017, he was discovered hanged in his cell with his bedsheet.


A lawsuit against her ended Paula Deen's career. After she acknowledged using racial insults in the past, the celebrity chef and cooking program host was thrown out of the Food Network and lost several commercial partnership arrangements.

Deen has been accused of being sexist and racist. Employee Lisa Jackson sued the Deen family, claiming that she was subjected to racially inappropriate and sexually harassing comments from her coworkers. Lisa claims that Deen's treatment of black employees was appalling.

When Deen apologized multiple times and even made two films for the same, it was too late and ruined her public image.

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