Inspiring Celebrities Before and After- Weight Loss Success Stories of Hollywood Brightest Stars


Hollywood's brightest stars have shrunken down to amazing figures through their hard work and dedication. Celebrity weight and fitness is the media's favorite topic. Therefore, they have to look better and fit all the time in the spotlight of entertainment. Losing weight is actually hard, it requires consistency, willpower, and motivation. But, these male and female Hollywood stars did it. Some celebrities shocked the internet when they revealed their weight loss transformations.

From Jessica Simpson to Adele, these celebrities lost a lot of weight to reach their fitness goals. Thanks to a healthy diet, workouts, training which helped the celebrities with their transformation to shed their pounds. Most celebrities use the quarantine as an opportunity to get healthy and fit.

Do you curious to know their weight loss success and stories? Do you want to see your favorite celebrity before and after? Read on to find the healthy and shocking celebrity transformation stories that serve as all the inspiration. Let's dive in!


Singer and multiple award winner celebrity, Adele is very private about her personal life and never addressed her weight loss. Adele’s incredible weight loss has been the subject of headlines since the singer vows fans with her new figure on Instagram. She sent shocking waves over the internet in 2020 with her weight loss transformation.

The singer says that she did it for her personal happiness and not to comply with beauty standards. The secret behind her dazzling figure is the Sirt food diet. The 32-year-old British singer hired a personal London-based trainer, Geracimo, and has been doing the 60-minutes workouts that include cardio, circuit training, and Pilates. Her trainer told The Sun that the singer has changed her lifestyle.

Jessica Simpson

Recently Jessica Simpson lost 100 pounds after the birth of her third baby, with the help of a celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak. The 39-year old singer revealed on Instagram that she has lost 100 pounds in just six months after the birth of her daughter Birdie May. She also said that she was so proud to feel for herself again.

Simpson credits her trainer who gave her five things to help her stay chargeable. These five things include getting at least seven hours of sleep, doing circuit training workouts three to four days a week, walking 12000 steps per day, and enjoying full three meals and two snacks daily. She has a chef to help her prepare family meals and enlisted a trainer four days a week.

Jennifer Hudson

Former American Idol finalist and singer started her weight loss journey in 2009 after giving birth to her son. Since then she has approximately lost 80 pounds and dropped from a size 16 to size 6. She utilized the weight watchers program to control her portions and make sure he is not eating too much. The singer told Good Housekeeping,” I don’t have time to do much workout, so I really just watch what I eat. Hudson told that she is very careful about what is she eating and tries to pace those meals the whole day.

Hudson also implemented a regular exercise routine to manage her weight.

Drew Carey

The actor and the host of The Price Is Right seems completely different from his look in The Drew Carey show. Drew Carey told people that he decided to slim down after deciding that “it sucks being fat”. He dropped 80 pounds’ weight by sticking to a strict diet and workouts.

He cut out carbs and snacks on fruits and vegetables and turns to egg white and yogurt for breakfast. He also does 45 minutes’ workouts when he can. Carey told thathe likes being skinny and he was sick of looking fat on camera”.

One of the benefits of Carey’s 100pounds weight loss was getting rid of diabetes. After months of training, Carey is now diabetes-free and no longer requires any medication.

Christina Aguilera

Actress, Singer, and former Voice coach Christina Aguilera faced a lot of critics in media when she gained a lot of weight following her divorce. Since then she has lost 50 pounds by reducing alcohol consumption and consuming a protein-rich diet. The Singer has been exploring the new tastes of foods and discovering new methods of exercise.

A source told people that she is doing this not for diet or weight but for her mind, and wellbeing, and overall sense of good health. Christina credits reiki, an ancient Asian practice, helped her to get in shape both mentally and physically.

Mama June

June Shannon from the reality TV show, Here Comes the Honey Boo Boo, lost almost 300 pounds over the past few years after the weight loss surgery. June has undergone a gastric sleeve procedure, also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy when she hit a weight-loss plateau back in 2015.

She also got skin removal surgery. Since surgery, the 41-year-old June made huge changes to her diet and started workout whenever she can.

Mo’ Nique

In the last few years, Mo’ Nique devoted herself to taking control of her health. The comedian and actress, Mo’ Nique lost 80 pounds in 2014 and shared how she did it. She initiated a preemptive, social media approach to inspire other women dealing with body image issues.

She uploads daily pictures and updates about her progress on Twitter and her personal website. She documented her workouts which included, weight lifting, jumping rope, and her yoga routine.

Kelly Osbourne

Television Host, fashion designer, and story-song writer, Kelly Osbourne has lost 70 pounds and counting when she participated in Dancing with The Stars. She told the Shape magazine at that time that her show’s partner made her eat turkey burgers and salads and explained that a high protein and low carb diet would keep her energized.

Therefore, she continues to work out, eat a nutritious diet, and cut out alcohol. Osbourne has dealt with bullying and media criticism and even suffered from a seizure last year, but she is living proof that if your personal health is a top priority then you will always trump the cynics.

Melissa McCarthy

Actress Melissa McCarthy is famous for her physical comedy in the movies like Bridesmaid and Spy. McCarthy told people that her body was a “work in progress” and recently lost 75 pounds. She is now in size 14 and attributes her weight loss to her laid-back lifestyle. She told CBS that she has stopped overthinking, overanalyzing, and overdoing anything.

She just quit constantly worrying about it and she thinks there is something kind of loosening up and not being so rigid and nervous about it that, inexplicably could have worked. I could have figured out that before 44 but whatever. The actress tries to stick to a healthy lifestyle and goes to bed at 7:30 pm every night. McCarthy said that cleaning up her diet and regular workout has helped her feel more energized and better than ever before.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah has always been a positive role model for women for embracing who she is. The singer and talk show host was not always so satisfied with her skin but made the choice to love herself, flaws and all, at a young age. Queen says that she always struggled for her weight but when she became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, she lost more than 20 pounds.

The Girls Trip star told in an interview with People in 2010 that I don’t really have a diet. I try to keep everything in balance, exercise and eat right. I eat a lot of vegetables and lean meat and I drink a lot of water. She maintained her weight by hitting the gym at least five days a week.

Jonah Hill

For a long time, Jonah Hill was known as a fat kid in the Hollywood scene. Jonah Hill decided to lose weight and surprised his fans when he appeared unusually slim in July 2016. But for his role in films like War dogs, he lost an impressive amount of weight. The 36-year old comedy star was known for his inconsistent weight, even after losing 40 pounds in 2011, credited to a personal trainer.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, he told that a famous friend helped him to get in shape. Hill credits diet and workout for his weight loss, with a special focus on changing lifestyle like eliminating alcohol and eating a healthy protein-rich diet. He also ate a lot of Japanese food which he swears for fat loss. He is still trying to lose weight and has joined Jiu-Jitsu to maintain his shape.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson succeeded to stay healthy and fit after struggling to balance a weight that she is happy with. Janet gave birth to her first baby at age of 49 in early 2017 and she lost 70 pounds by late 2017. The 53-year-old Janet worked out with a personal trainer four times a week and tries to eat a healthy diet without constraining herself of food she loves.

In 2018 she told in Style, “I do not eat meat any longer, only fish and vegetables. But I love catfish. I love fried fish. But I am also crazy about grilled fish. I love snickers”. Janet’s trainer Paulette Sybliss shared, “we had a very vigorous training schedule. We trained four times a week and our sessions were not less than 45 minutes, no more than an hour. Very intense, though very intense training”.

The pop star revealed the pressure, the music industry puts on the woman to stay thin and said that expectations are changing for the better. “I think it has changed, Thanks, God. People are more accepting of others. Which is the way it should have been from the jump”. She said.

AI Roker

The most famous American weatherman struggled with maintaining weight his whole life. Al Roker lost over 150 Pounds through Gastric Bypass surgery and now, today show host mostly eats a high-protein and low-carb diet. Roker gained back much of his weight after surgery and finally believed that his weight loss balance can be done through good old-fashioned portion control and exercise.

Roker told U.S. News, that his weight is more in control and he is controlling food. Taking exercise is what I need for my metabolism and for a better sense of living”. He also told Runner’s World, he began running in 2010 and ran the New York City marathon the same year. Now, Roker maintains a weight of about 200 pounds. Roker is now at a happy and healthy weight for years having a balanced tactic for eating and a convenient exercise that he sticks to as well.

The Bottom Line

Hollywood's brightest stars transformed their body through hard work and dedication. All credit goes to their consistency and willpower, it keeps them focused on their fitness and health goals. You have found some of the greatest weight loss success stories of Hollywood stars. Star's before and after impressive transformation photos have surely motivated you to reach your fitness goals.

If you also want to lose some pounds and need some motivation. It's not really hard, rather you can achieve it by staying focused and consistent. Get inspired by your favorite celebrity transformation and lose a significant amount of weight in a healthy way!

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