Celebrities Who Spend The Most on Dining Out


Who hasn't fantasized about dining at a high-end establishment? When dining, most people have to settle for a burger place or a fast-food restaurant. Trips to fancy pubs and restaurants are rare, and drinking more than a single glass of exorbitantly costly, high-quality wine with your meal is not an option with your budget after you've ordered it. As your money depletes, the staff's attire and whether you know you'll be back are all factors to consider when deciding how much to tip your waiter.

We can eat (and live) vicariously through the extravagant eating habits of celebrities that we read about in tabloids and magazines. Imagine being able to stroll into a high-end restaurant, eat everything you want from the menu, and not worry about the price because the steaks are all made from beer-fed cows with their masseuses. When you're at a bar with your friends, why not just pay the bill and not worry about making your rent this month?

1. Beyonce

Beyoncé is a lover of Nando's, known for its excellent Portuguese-style peri-peri chicken. Afterward, she purchased 48 hens from an Essex retailer. After lugging heavy sound equipment through a rainstorm, she undoubtedly believed her entourage needed a reward. Nando's chicken isn't just popular with celebrities like Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, and Drake. Although Ed Sheeran supposedly has a special Nando's black card that permits him to free meals, we don't believe Beyoncé takes use of that. A cash payment of £1,444.10 is shown on her receipt. We're willing to wager that the delivery person was well-compensated as well.

2. LeSean McCoy

A picture of LeSean McCoy's bill from PYT, with McCoy's signature and the twenty-cent tip prominently visible, first sparked skepticism among sports enthusiasts about the authenticity of the snapshot. According to McCoy's admission, when confronted with the issue by reporters who inquired about the receipt, He left a low tip since he said he was unhappy with the service he had at the restaurant. To leave a twenty-cent tip, the service must have been appalling. Was he served a stale bun with a leather shoe inside of it? An online backlash ensued, culminating in Charlie Sheen promising to find down the waiter or waitress and hand over $1000 in compensation. Whether Sheen was able to make amends for McCoy's blunder is unknown at this time. A self-congratulatory Tweet was sent to him for being such a gentleman.

3. Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg left a $2000 tip for the Waffle House workers in North Carolina in a move that garnered him more attention than all of the New Kids on the Block reunion concerts put together. Social media was awash with the receipt with the large gratuity from the shocked waitstaff. In the 1990s, he was accused of arson for allegedly lighting a puddle of vodka in his hotel room in Kentucky, destroying a tiny carpet area, and forcing the hotel staff to clean up the debris the following day. Avenging his crime against the service industry, may he be doing so now? Maybe he has a new appreciation for the working class because of his involvement in Blue Bloods.

4. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi and his fiancée shared images of their time at Club Restaurant Cabaret on Instagram as part of a weekend trip to Ibiza with friends. A waiter at the club released a snapshot of what he said was Messi's £37,000 drinks receipt minutes after the group photo went up. A five-figure sum of alcohol was consumed by three elite athletes and their wives in a single night. Messi later tweeted that the bill was not his; the picture had already gone viral. Soccer fans couldn't believe their eyes when they saw how much money one of their favorite players had wasted at a nightclub. They couldn't believe that he was telling the truth about the bill not being his own. There is no one else in Ibiza with that kind of money.

5. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning chose to leave a 25 percent tip at the Angus Barn restaurant in North Carolina after his $739 lunch. Because of the 18 percent service charge on his lunch, he was expected to leave a tip of half the amount, which made his waiter believe he had made an enormous mistake. The waiter didn't just keep the additional money for himself; he shared it on social media. Manning was unfazed by it. We doubt that Manning was even aware of the photo's virality when he departed the Colts, the franchise he had been a part of for more than a decade. On the other hand, the restaurant manager sacked the Camera-happy server.

6. Andy Murray

After winning the US Open, Andy Murray went out with some friends to a pub in New York City to toast his victory. When they drank their way through 30 $168 meals at the bar (who knew bar food could be so expensive), Andy didn't even touch a sip of alcohol. Only one lemon soda was consumed by Murray, according to Eurosport. This dude is simply incomprehensible to the rest of us. In the wake of competing in one of the world's most renowned tennis tournaments, we don't know whether we could treat all of our friends without indulging ourselves. Isn't it about the time he had a little fun after those months of training? Maybe that's why we'll never be professional athletes. We'd drink like Alex Hope if we made that much money playing tennis.

7. Rihanna

Many of Rihanna's followers couldn't believe that she had truly spent $30,000 at a restaurant. Seven hundred dollars for a side dish? Two grilled lamb meals costing $8,000? The $400 price tag for "Juice" is our deal-breaker. What kind of fruit is so hard to come by that a bottle of its juice may cost upwards of $100? They also charged her $400 for coconut water, so we don't think it's a fruit no one has ever heard of. Some of Rihanna's Snapchat followers believe that she doctored the receipt to play a joke on her fans, but if so, we don't know what she was thinking. There is no doubt that this bill is legit. What's the point of generating a plausible phony receipt for a restaurant? To be fair: $400 for coleslaw is a ridiculous price to pay.

8. Lebron James

On a single night in Las Vegas, Lebron James blew $170,000 of his own money. To consume 33 bottles of Cristal, how many individuals would need to partake? They only had one table on the bill indicating that James and his guests must have been cramming themselves in like sardines. When we had lost so much money in the casino, we couldn't conceive of spending the rest of our money on a huge bottle of champagne. The restaurant manager said it took two waiters merely to carry it to Lebron's table since it was that large. Honestly, I don't know how you do it. The eight-dollar price tag for each order for 22 Fiji water bottles gets to us. Buying a bottle of expensive spring water is a waste of money. Budweiser's Bud Light is also a good choice.

9. Drake

Was Lebron James and Drake competing to see who could spend the most money in Vegas? If this is the case, Drake has won this round. His bar tab totaled $180,000, of which $100,000 was for four 15-liter bottles of a drink known as Veuve. Even though we have no idea what that is, we've never bought a bottle of anything more expensive than $20 anyway. We're wondering whether we can sneak into a celebrity's Las Vegas entourage and snag some of Drake's bar tab since no one, not even ten people could drink that much alcohol. This is a business opportunity, not a drink. Would you like to join the discount club for secondhand celebrity liquor? Please do it now before someone else does it first.

10. Kim Kardashian

The mayor of Jerusalem treated Kim and Kanye to supper when they flew to Israel to baptize their daughter in a traditional Armenian cathedral. When the reality star was photographed visiting a non-kosher restaurant, it caused controversy since many Orthodox Jews see Kim Kardashian as a walking symbol of immortality and because the restaurant itself is non-kosher. When it comes to kosher food, one of the menu items is a chicken dish with butter sauce (not mixing milk with meat). They handled Kim by covering her with her restaurant receipt and referring to her as "Mrs. West." Israeli websites were more concerned about their mayor eating non-kosher cuisine than dining with a non-kosher reality star.

11. Redskins

For a football squad to go out to supper. They'll eat their way through the restaurant, clearing the kitchens of anything edible. No matter what, that cost will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Is it distributed evenly among the team members? Or is it the responsibility of the coach to cover the costs? When the squad goes out to eat, seasoned players say the rookies pay for the bill. To repay the rookies for their generosity, veterans recently posted a $22,000 restaurant bill, including several very expensive bottles of scotch and whiskey. For whatever reason, new players are expected to pay not just for their meals but also for those of the veteran players. It seems that the order should be reversed. The Redskins have a lot of work to do. If you have a name like that, you can't have any controversy.

12. Gregg Popovich

Not many NBA coaches can claim to have coached their club to a championship win five times - Gregg Popovich is one of them. Known affectionately by the team's faithful as "Pop," the Spurs' fans can't envision their beloved basketball team is led by anybody else after twenty years of his coaching (and of winning seasons). According to the receipt a waitress uploaded on Reddit after Popovich dined at McEwan's in Memphis, Tennessee, he is a champion tipper. Although Popovich hasn't commented on the receipt, McEwan's is a regular haunt for him. There's no doubt that the wine they offered him was of the highest caliber. As a basketball coach, Popovich is known for his expertise in wine, and he would be grateful to his servers if they could introduce him to a new type of wine.

13. Alex Hope

Due to his huge bar tab, Alex Hope became somewhat of a celebrity. Several English newspapers ran stories about a young currency trader who spent £75,000 on liquor and mixers and then splashed out £125,000 on a bottle of champagne (priced not for quality but quantity; it had a volume of thirty liters and needed two persons to handle it). "VAT" was listed as an entry on the receipt for £30,000. Does that indicate he ordered a vat of alcohol from our bartenders? He and his companions probably weren't the best clients, but we're glad the wait staff got to split a service charge of £18,000 for the night. Because he doesn't appear to be a decent tipper on his own, it's probably best that they include it in the bill.

14. Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani famously picked a police commissioner who believed in the "broken windows" approach to crime reduction as mayor of New York City. According to the notion, a house with one broken window encourages criminals to break in through the other windows. Thus authorities should tough down on minor offenders to avoid major crimes. Is there anything wrong with comparing a complex metropolitan civilization to a run-down house in the suburbs? At the very least, there are some problems with this receipt from a restaurant. Mr. Giuliani, a $197 bill with a $40 gratuity does not equal $217. Instead of fighting crime in New York City, perhaps you should have spent more time focusing on the city's math education system. Also, it's a good idea to brush up on your math skills.

15. Justin Bieber

This year, Justin and Jelena reunited, and it appears that Justin is making up for his numerous prior mistakes. If he needs ideas for a date, he should think back to the beginning of their relationship. As recently as 2011, a soda bar worker on Santa Monica Pier displayed a receipt for a $2 coke purchased by Justin's credit card. Later that day, newspapers reported that the two were spotted in the same location. Selena appears to be carrying coke in all paparazzi photographs, whereas Justin appears to be without one. We can only assume that he did this because she was thirsty and wanted to spoil her a little. These modest acts of kindness demonstrate that he once cared for her and that he is capable of caring for her once more.

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