Freebies and Things That Only Celebrities Get!


Being a celebrity is a unique honor that most of us want to achieve. We've all fantasized about having a limitless supply of cash and a legion of devoted followers. Because I'm capable, I'd go anyplace I wanted to go. Being a celebrity is a full-time job that requires time and effort.

You're always being watched, but you also have more resources than the typical person. Whether it's a red carpet or a private plane, there are privileges that the rest of us will never experience. Celebrities can do things that most of us will never be able to.


According to Fox News, a $6,000 Jean Richard watch was given to VIP attendees at the Cannes Film Festival, including Adrien Brody and Keanu Reeves. Natasha Lyonne received a 24-karat gold-plated Huawei wristwatch costing over $800 during the Sundance Film Festival, Us Weekly reports.


You may not have the money to go on a vacation, but celebrities regularly get freebies from the travel industry. According to Business Insider, the Distinctive Assets Oscars gift bags contained free vacations to some of the world's most abundant places for nominees Emma Stone and Casey Affleck and host Jimmy Kimmel. Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy — where accommodations start at $900 a night — and the Golden Door spa in Southern California, both in California, was part of the package.


A celeb will probably not greet you in the liquor shop, as celebrities are often handed booze presents at award presentations. A bottle of Ferrari Trento wine worth $23.99 was given to celebrities who visited the Grammys giving room.

Gabrielle Union and Adrian Grenier were reportedly given Moet Imperial Nectar Rosé at the Sundance Film Festival, which is about $60 per bottle.

Membership in a Club

Cover charges and bottle service fees for some of the best nightclubs may be required for non-celebrities, but celebs — even washed-up reality stars — are regularly compensated for performing at these clubs.

Ray J received $25,000 from each of the four clubs where he spent his birthday last year, according to GQ, while Scott Disick can get between $70,000 and $80,000 each night just for showing up. Club appearances in Las Vegas may cost up to $200,000 for high-profile performers like Nicki Minaj.

Luxury Handbags

As a result of their enormous wealth, celebrities are routinely given the newest and most expensive designer handbags at no cost to themselves. As a result of their fame, the Kardashian sisters frequently post pictures of themselves wearing branded goods supplied to them by the brands themselves.

On more than one occasion, Khloé Kardashian has shown her Snapchat fans what she's been receiving in the mail, including a slew of expensive handbags. An estimated $10,000 handmade Judith Leiber clutch and three Louis Vuitton purses provided to her by the Daily Mail are worth $5,500 apiece.

Clothes of a High Standard

The majority of celebrities don't have to foot the bill for their costly wardrobes. The public relations departments of fashion brands know that if A-listers wear their garments, their customers will be more inclined to purchase the brand's wares, as explained by SheFinds.

Depending on the firm's size, stars might receive anywhere from 20 to 60 pieces of clothes every month. It is not uncommon for celebrities to get compensated for appearing in public while dressed in a brand's merchandise. According to the New York Post, Lea Michele was reportedly paid $20,000 to wear Lacoste at Coachella.

Items for Newborns

Celebrity women sometimes receive thousands of dollars worth of baby clothing for their new children to wear for free, which may be a significant financial burden for first-time parents.

Designers like Lanvin, Céline, Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Givenchy, Kenzo, and Roberto Cavalli sent presents to Kim Kardashian West's kid, North. The price of North's Kenzo baby hoodie was $96.

Vulture claims that renowned parents are regularly given diapers and strollers as a thank you present from their fans.

Using Private Jet as an Uber

To go anywhere without driving oneself, most of us simple mortals must phone an Uber or a Lyft. If you're anything like me, you'd rather save a few dollars by taking an Uber or Lyft with a group of strangers. Famous individuals don't know what it's like since they can summon a private aircraft to fly them anywhere they want to go. I suppose I could accomplish this if I sold an organ, but is it worth it?

Mini Mansion for a Dog

Most pet owners are devoted to their animals and want to provide the best possible care for them. I give my dog an extra reward now and then and take her for many walks to do this. The dog park is a very enjoyable excursion.

Even if you're not Paris Hilton, it means creating a tiny palace for your dog. Is it possible that this dog is aware of its good fortune? I can only hope that they're savoring every bit of their celebrity-studded existence. I'd happily swap places with this dog.

Closet for Fitness Gear

Fitness has become Khloé Kardashian's 'thing.' Half of my clothing drawer is devoted to training attire. A whole section of Khlomoney's closet is devoted to her training attire. Are leggings really necessary? What is a washing machine? Her sweaty-clothing closet is bigger than my entire apartment, and I don't know why. It's like, what?!

Closet for Shoes

Mariah Carey, on the other hand, has a shoe-only closet. It's probably an insult to refer to it as a closet. It's a room, after all. Shoes take up a full room in this house.

When I need to find a match, I have to squirm about in the tiniest corner of my wardrobe to dig through my shoes. Shoes are easier for me to deal with than gym gear, but it's still. I appreciate the effort that went into this, even though it's a little over the top.

Toys with a high-tech twist

Business Insider claims that Oscar winners who got the Distinctive Assets goodie bag also received high-tech presents costing hundreds of dollars, including a $250 vaporizer and a $600 smart home starter kit.

Taking the Subway in a Ballgown

Mariah Carey, on the other hand, has a shoe-only closet. It's probably an insult to refer to it as a closet. It's a room, after all. Shoes take up a full room in this house. I keep my shoes tossed in the bottom of my closet, where I often have to squirm to find the matches. Shoes are easier for me to deal with than gym gear, but it's still. I appreciate the effort that went into this, even though it's a little over the top.

Ballgown at a Park

Mariah Carey, for whatever reason, likes to wear ballgowns in settings where ballgowns are unneeded. I suppose if I had all the money in the world, I'd be a little extra. Only the rich and famous would get caught doing anything like this.

Even if I owned a ballgown, I probably wouldn't wear it to the park for fear of destroying it. There are a few things we'll never know about ourselves. However, it may be for the best. Rich, famous, and fabulous aren't things that everyone can achieve. Then then, maybe we're still amazing after all.

Treatments for the Skin

Aside from expensive facials, haircuts, personal fitness sessions, and (sometimes) hidden plastic surgery operations, celebrities don't always have to pay for all of their care. According to Bazaar, one Oscars gift bag featured a $1,900 Vampire breast lift and laser treatments at 740 Park MD for $5,530. These high-end cosmetic products are worth the expenditure, in my opinion.

Using Twitter as Google

Celebs frequently tweet inquiries that we would just type into a search engine. Although Cher is observed doing this regularly, we accept it since Cher is an icon. While you'd think that, with so many resources at their disposal, they could use the one that can provide you with every response imaginable, you'd be wrong. This type of social media utilization is something I've never seen before. Only a robot responds when I ask a question on Twitter.

Posing with a Large Number of Automobiles in the Parking Lot

It's all I got. At the age of twelve, it's everything but glitzy. On the other hand, celebrities tend to believe that one automobile is not enough. The Jenner family's youngest daughter is frequently spotted posing with a new vehicle. There are a total of FIVE people in that picture. Most individuals will never get the opportunity to experience what it's like to own five luxury automobiles simultaneously.

Rollerskate Through Barney

A trip to the department store on roller skates seems like fun. What? You've never considered it before, but it seems like a lot of fun, don't you think? Same. It wasn't until I watched Victoria Beckham do it that I realized it was something I wanted to do.

Using a Blanket of Cash

If you're a regular person, you will put your money in a bank. For the Kardashians, it serves as a blanket for their afternoon snoozes. One dollar notes are the only thing that helps to ease my mind about this situation.

Cash as Phone

Furthermore, "Lord Disick" opted to include the word "peasant" in his caption, further tarnishing his image. Only the most prominent individuals can get away with being so snobbishly self-absorbed. As far as I can tell, no one I know has ever requested to be referred to as "lord." Only a renowned person could pull this off since it's extravagant and outlandish.

Personal Training Sessions and Gym Memberships

Past gift packages have featured VIP personal training sessions and memberships to high-end gyms. David Barton's gym membership was worth $700 in the 2014 Emmys goodie bag, while earlier Oscar swag bags featured 10 Alexis Seletzky training sessions for $900, Shape reports.

Products that Help You Lose Weight

Detox tea, protein shakes, and even weight reduction medications are all being promoted by celebrities on Instagram - and they're not paying for them. Celebrities and social media stars are being paid thousands of dollars to advertise businesses on their accounts because of the proliferation of sponsored content.

It's no secret that several Real Housewives of Atlanta have endorsed detox teas like Sarah Hyland's detox Fit Tea or Ashley Benson's weight reduction supplement 310 Shakes. It doesn't matter if they're genuinely utilizing these things: Celebrity sponsorships may pay as much as $75,000 for a single Instagram post, Esquire says.

Other Famous Things:

  • Selfie on a Private Plane: The lighting was too wonderful to ignore.
  • Take a day off from work to sunbathe in San Diego at an arena.
  • Wear your finest evening attire while boarding your private aircraft.
  • Do a little ironing while dressed up for the carnival.
  • For a magazine picture, strip down to your underwear and soak in a bath of silver paint.
  • Rent out a whole theatre to enjoy a movie with your sweetheart.
  • Wear a fur jacket and wool shorts to lounge by the pool and soak up some sun.
  • So renowned that you must shop "undercover" in a wig and mask.
  • Take a picture of yourself in a fur bikini and yeti boots with your hubby at your side.
  • Taking Pictures while sitting on the stairway of their private jets.
  • Baptizing daughter at the actual birthplace of Jesus.
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