The 24 Most Beautiful Biracial Celebrities — Black, White, and Multiracial


Biracial individuals are not as uncommon as we think they are. If you ever come across one, chances are that there is a huge community of people just like you who can relate to that beautiful individual. These 24 gorgeous biracial celebrity' kids will help us understand the significance of the multi-cultural population and just how beautiful those individuals can be.

1.Quincy Jones III

The son of legendary musician Quincy Jones, this young man shared his father's love for music. He decided early on that he wanted to become a DJ. He spent years perfecting his craft to break into the competitive industry with an edge over other DJs out there by having unique skills that others don't have. Quincy Jones III released his first track in 2003 and has been making music ever since. His beautiful physical features make him stand out in the industry, and he stands out as a biracial person.

2.Solange Knowles

This young lady is the daughter of a prominent actor and model. Her father is African-American, and her mother is a white woman from Louisiana. She currently works as a singer, songwriter, DJ. Also, She acts on occasion, with music being one of her biggest passions in life to date. Her most notable appearance was performing "Cranes in the Sky" at Grammy Awards, which got mixed reactions from people who attended the event.

3.Djimon Hounsou

Known for his roles in Blood Diamond and the King Kong: Skull Island movie, Djimon Hounsou is not biracial but rather from Benin. Benin is a city in West Africa that was once a French colony. Despite having an African-American father, he is only half African-American due to his mother originally being from Louisiana. Despite having lighter skin than many of his African-American counterparts, Djimon Hounsou did have to fight for him to be seen as one of the best African actors and not looked down on as second-class citizens.

4.Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is the son of a black mother and white father raised by his bi-racial step-father and mother. This young man has appeared in several movies, including Fruitvale Station, Chronicle, and Creed. He is best known for his role as Erik Killmonger in the Marvel superhero film Black Panther, which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2017.

5.David Banner

The only child of both a white mother and black father, this young man grew up in a very loving environment with people who loved him, whether African American or not. He has been rapping since 2007, with his biggest hit to date being "Like a Pimp," which came out in 2008. He also had an alternative hip hop group dubbed Supervillainz, which made it big in the music world.

6.Wynonna Judd

This beautiful singer is actually the third child of her parents, with both her mother Naomi Judd and father Bill Cagle sharing different races and backgrounds. Still, they put differences aside to produce one very beautiful individual. Earlier in life, her mother was a country singer and had even been a finalist on the television show "American Idol" before having this child. Her father was a Cagle and was responsible for her love of country music. She got her start in the industry in 1993 with her first album, "The Other Woman."

7.Kendall Jenner

The daughter of Caitlyn Jenner, better known for being a transgender woman, and Olympic champion Bruce Jenner, who transitioned into a woman later in life. She has made several appearances in magazines such as Vogue, GQ, and Esquire while making appearances on reality television programs and professional sports programs. In addition to showing off her beautiful physical features, Kendall is also very athletic, competing at a professional level in several sports, including track and field events.

8.Rhyon Nicole:

This beautiful young woman, also known as Rhyon Nicole Green, has biracial parents. Her mother was born in Puerto Rico, while her father is African American and Native American. She spent her childhood in New York City after the family moved there, and at a very young age, she started modeling. She then worked for several years as a fashion model before doing more serious acting work on television and also appearing in music videos such as "Moment 4 Life" by Cassie featuring Fabolous as well as "Thinking About You" by Miguel featuring K. Michelle, among other songs.

9.Sarah Jones

This young lady, also known as Sarah Jones-Mann, has both parents that are white while she is biracial. She spent most of her childhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, before moving to Los Angeles to be a model at a very young age. She did all of her work out on the west coast, including being a print model in Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine magazines. Her acting debut was in the television show 24 for a short time before deciding she wanted to pursue modeling and acting full time.

10.Mira Sorvino

This beautiful actress is half Italian and half Scottish on her mother's side, with her father being an American of Italian descent. She spent her early life in Southern California, growing up in a very loving family, and had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her father, who was a stage actor. She started the industry, appearing in Mighty Aphrodite, Lymelife, and The Bling Ring. While she is an accomplished actress, she has also appeared on television shows such as Law and ''' Order: Special Victims Unit, Cold Case, and Lipstick Jungle, among other programs.

11.Tyrese Gibson

This young man also has Italian heritage and is half African American, while his other parent is African-American. He has spent a lot of his life moving around between several areas, including Pasadena, California, Detroit, Michigan, and East Orange, New Jersey. He started show business appearing in the movie Baby Boy and then was featured on the television show The Parkers. Several years later, he had a role in 2 Fast 2 Furious. It was then that he started gaining much attention from both critics and audiences alike.

12.Zoe Saldana

This incredible actress, also known as Zoe Yadira Saldana-Perego, actually has several different races in her background. Her mother is from the Dominican Republic, while her other parent is African-American. She got her start in the show business at the age of twelve, appearing in the Miramax film Crossroads and various television shows and movies. She eventually began to gain more attention for her acting work, first appearing in the movie Jarhead. She has also appeared on several television shows such as Being Mary Jane and Law and ''' Order: Special Victims Unit.

13.Lamar Odom

This young man has African-American heritage, while his other parent is a white woman of Italian descent. He started out his career in show business, appearing on multiple episodes of the hit series Days of Our Lives at quite a young age. His TV work also included appearances on shows like Entourage, Touched by an Angel, and Chicago Hope. He then began to gain more attention for his acting work appearing in movies such as Undercover Brother and 2 Fast 2 Furious and television shows such as The Shield.

14.Monica Calhoun

This beautiful young lady has adopted biracial parents, while she has African-American heritage. She grew up with her mother, a white African-American woman, and her father. He is also white with Spanish ancestry. Her mother married her father when she was around four years old, which caused many issues between them. She began playing the piano at a very young age and then, at age 10, moved to Florida, where she continued her education before entering the entertainment industry.

15.Alicia Silverstone

This gorgeous young lady is of mixed ethnicity. Both of her parents are white, while she has African-American heritage. She was born in Beechwood, Ohio, to Jewish parents. Her father also had Italian ancestry from his mother's side. She spent time across the country while her family moved several times before landing in Los Angeles, where she began pursuing acting and modeling work.

16.Rashad Jennings

This amazing actor is half African American and half white; his other parent is a white man of Irish descent. He was born to an African-American mother and an Irish father. They divorced when he was just two years old after only being married for a year and a half. He spent a lot of his childhood in the Bay Area, where he attended high school, and then he decided to go on to college after that. He continued playing football for the next few years before landing a position with the NFL.

17.Emily Kinney

This stunning actress is of mixed heritage, with both her parents being white. At the same time, she has African-American ancestry from her father's side. She grew up in Mississippi and had the opportunity to spend time in upstate New York while attending school growing up. She began acting as a teenager, getting involved with small parts in several shows and movies before appearing on a television show called Masters of Horror and then landing a recurring role on The Walking Dead.

18.Gabrielle Union

This gorgeous actress has African-American heritage, while her other parent is also a part of that race. Her mother is from Louisiana, and she also has Native American ancestry. She began attending school at Hunter College in Manhattan, where she studied theater, spending a year at the college before dropping out and then moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting dreams.

19.Adam Beach

This gorgeous actor is of mixed heritage, with both his parents being white. At the same time, he has African-American ancestry from his father's side. He grew up with his mother in New Mexico after his parents divorced when he was a toddler, spending time with his father and his extended family on occasion. He got into show business by appearing on the program Thunder Alley and the television series The Unusuals.

20.Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This amazing athlete is of mixed race, with both his parents being white. His mother was a white woman, and his father was an African-American man who had a lot of money. He grew up in a home that most people would find quite odd because he lived in a gigantic mansion with only one bathroom for everyone there. He began his career at an early age, working at the age of nine on Wild On!

21.Tarell Alvin McCraney

This beautiful young man has African-American heritage, while his other parent is also of that race. His mother is from Chicago, while his father is from Maryland. He grew up in Maryland with both of his parents in a very religious environment, which helped him grow up to be very thoughtful and kind. He attended school at the prestigious Yale University, obtaining a degree in playwriting before falling into acting work.

22.Alicia Keys

This amazing singer has African-American heritage, while her other parent is white with French ancestry on her father's side. At the same time, her other parent is also African-American on her mother's side. She grew up in Manhattan, New York, spending time between the city and Long Island because she spent time with both of her parents and some wonderful grandparents who helped raise her.

23.Joe Morton

This gorgeous actor had African-American heritage while his other parent was white with French ancestry. His mother was half African-American and half Hungarian. He grew up in Washington, and he attended school there, graduating from high school at a very young age and then moving to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

24.Kerry Washington

This gorgeous actress has African-American heritage, while her other parent is part of that race as well. Her mother is from Texas, while her father is from California with a little bit of Irish ancestry thrown in for good measure on his family side. She grew up in a religious family, attending church every week as a child. She also attended school at Yale University, where she studied theater before pursuing acting professionally.


Interracial relationships are not a trend, and they are certainly not novels. The modern world is changing, and people today have a far broader perspective on relationships than in the past, with cultural boundaries and color lines becoming imaginary constructs by the day. We hope this post on biracial celebrities has inspired you to take some time out to appreciate the beauty of other races and cultures in their natural form and perhaps influenced your viewpoint on this subject.

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