13 Famous LGBTQ Celebrity Couples That Prove True Love Exists


Some of the most renowned persons in the world are in relationships with people of the opposite sex. Celebrity love is everywhere and from everyone, so don't worry about missing out. Because of the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, there is no better way to start love than a list of the most iconic and cutest same-sex romances in the film industry. These couples are indeed deserving of applause. The time has come for them to tie the knot in front of family and friends to mark their commitment to one another. Our hearts have been captivated by these celebrity LGBT couples!

Gary Janetti And Brad Goreski

Stylist Brad Goreski has been datingGary Janetti for some time now. Lea Michele, Jenna Dewan, and Kaley Cuoco are just a few of the celebrities Brad has had the pleasure of working with. Brad, Brad World, a Bravo reality TV show, helped him solidify his bond with Gary. In Brad's opinion, Gary is an amusing individual who is a joy to be around. Gary irritates him to no end for a variety of reasons.

They met in Athens. Brad and Gary got engaged in 2014, and they have been together ever since. They opted for a beach wedding in the Caribbean, where they could celebrate with family and friends. Isaia suits were worn by Brad and Gary when they exchanged wedding vows on board the Seabourn Sojourn, a luxury cruise ship. Their joy and happiness are undeniable, and they're ready to begin a new beginning in their lives.

Cheyenne Jackson And Jason Landau

The couple firstmet in a rehab center for alcoholism, which was not the best location for their first date. Although the odds were stacked against them, they overcame their addictions and became sober together. They held an inclusive wedding in Encino, California, following their engagement announcement.

Although he admitted that they had enjoyed many happy years together, Cheyenne's previous marriage had ended. He gushed over Lapka, his ex-lover, and expressed his regret that their romance had come to an end. As it turned out, his lawyer handled everything. As a result, Cheyenne and Jason welcomed twins Willow and Ethan into their lives in 2016. When they found out they were expecting, they were ecstatic and couldn't wait to be a part of their new family.

Rupaul And Georges Lebar

RuPaul is most known for hiscompetition show, RuPaul's Drag Race. However, his love life was kept a secret from everyone but him. George LeBar and the drag queen have been together for more than 20 years. RuPaul said that they first met at a New York City dance club in an interview. In comparison to him, LeBar is a Wyoming rancher who is 13 years his junior. It didn't stop them from having a relationship and eventually tying the knot, albeit (in 2017).

Despite his initial reservations, RuPaul eventually came around to the idea of his wedding being held in front of family and friends. However, when they realized what was going on in the world, they chose to make it legal. In a way, it was done to help with investment planning. RuPaul and LeBar are now in a loving and contented marriage.

Ricky Martin And Jwan Yosef

Ricky Martin's announcement that he is married to Jwan Yosef once again shocked the world, making headlines. Ricky proposed to Jwan after they had dated for a few months. The singer claimed to be confident in Jwan's identity. However, he was sure that this was true love, even if the connection took time to develop.

It wasn't a romantic phone conversation between the two of them before their relationship became severe. After six months, their friendship had blossomed into something more. A home security system protects Ricky and Jwan as they co-parent twin boys Valentino and Matteo in their modest house. They've been popular on social networks as well, sharing their joy with the world. Their goal is to encourage other homosexual couples to live freely.

Samira Wiley And Lauren Morelli

Samira Wiley and the dialoguer, Lauren Morelli, met through Netflix's drama series, Orange Is the New Black. Samira had already fall in love with Lauren's writing before meeting face-to-face on the New York set. On the other hand, Lauren fell in love with Samira after seeing her audition video. In the end, the two formed a close bond that eventually blossomed into something more serious.

Lauren's life began anew when she began dating Samira and moved in. Lauren proposed in Palm Springs after multiple vacations to get to know each other better. Samira said yes, and the pair got married five months later. For the little ceremony, both women wore Christian Siriano wedding gowns.

Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi

Publicly revealing your sexual orientation is one of the most challenging aspects of being LGBT, especially when you're a star. Before coming out as homosexual, Portia de Rossi had already developed a successful career in television and film. An interview with Portia revealed that she had difficulty dealing with her sexuality. At first, she was reluctant to reveal her sexuality since she didn't want to limit her acting options. Initially, she feared this would be the end of her career and put her in financial peril.

When she met Ellen DeGeneres, though, her outlook on life altered. We exchanged a friendly greeting to begin things off. It would take Portia a few months to tell Ellen about her emotions for her. They're now blissfully married and relishing every moment of it. Even though they don't have any children, they are happy to spend time together.

Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black

TOM DALEY arrived late to an afterparty in 2013 and saw Dustin Lance Black. The Academy Award-winning filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter drew him in even though he had no idea who he was. Dustin was aware something was odd, but he ignored it since he believed it was impossible. Dustin refused to join the festivities to celebrate Tom's win at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. To Tom's credit, he approached Dustin, asked for his phone number, and then entered it.

A series of events led to the couple being engaged, which they announced on Instagram on October 2, 2015. Tom and Dustin got married at Bovey Castle in Devon two years later. Over a hundred visitors traveled from as far away as Texarkana and Plymouth to be a part of Tom's most memorable weekend yet. Robbie Ray was born because of a surrogate mother.

Sir Elton John And David Furnish

David attended a dinner party held by Elton at his Windsor home. Though quiet and well-dressed, he caught Elton's eye. The next night, they had supper together again and declared their love for one another. In their 12th year of dating, Elton proposed to David, which led to a 27-year partnership. During a question regarding their marriage, Elton talked about how their love had gotten stronger.

For the sake of their children, the couple devotes a lot of time to them. According to them, they encourage their children to work hard to build a good credit rating in the future. They enjoy spending time with each other and playing with their children just like any other couple.

Lance Bass And Michael Turchin

If Lance had not made the initial step, their love tale might never have come to fruition. Lance Bass and Michael Turchin first met at a friend's birthday party in Palm Springs, California. As much as Michael hoped they could simply become buddies, Lance's fame made him nervous. On the other hand, Lance was instantly smitten, but he preferred to keep his feelings to himself.

Lance couldn't resist going in for a kiss after they were close friends over time. With a strong foundation, the couple went from friends to lovers. Lance had to return to New York City owing to his work schedule. Thus, they had to have a long-distance romance. Lance appreciates Michael's ability to balance his hectic schedule with his sense of humor. On the other hand, Lance became an integral element of Michael's professional and financial success.

Tom Ford And Richard Buckley

New Year's Eve 1986 marked the first time Tom Ford and Richard Buckley came face-to-face at a fashion event put on by one of their mutual friends. Seeing each other in the elevator was the first time they realized they were attracted to each other for different reasons. To Tom's surprise, Richard later stated that he and Tom had fallen in love at first sight. He couldn't get his eyes off him, like if he saw into the future.

Many people started wondering the key to their long-term relationship when they celebrated their 30th anniversary, especially since they have a 4-year-old son, Alexander John Buckley Ford. After love, Tom believes that the most crucial factor in a relationship succeeding is mutual respect. They remained united despite the difficulties because they had faith in one another's tremendous hearts and souls.

Kendrell Bowman And Anthony Wayne

Even in Hollywood, you may find a lot of inspiring couples. When it comes to relationships, Kendrell Bowman and Anthony Wayne grow into something more than the sum of their parts. There are two of them: one is from South Carolina, and the other is from Kentucky. It's not clear how the two of them came to meet. They struck up a conversation in New York City and discovered that they had a natural affinity for each other.

Since both had extensive experience performing on stage and directing productions, their friendship evolved into a professional one as well. They appeared in a few Off-Broadway shows. The synergy between the two of them was unparalleled. The duo is well-positioned for success, and the public should keep an eye out for the products and services they develop in the years to come.

Sara Gilbert And Linda Perry

Off-screen as much as on, Sara Gilbert enjoys a cult following in Hollywood. Although she's primarily known as an actress, she's also worked as a producer and director occasionally. On the other hand, Linda Perry is a genuine superstar in her own right. She's a well-known vocalist and record producer who has contributed to a slew of recent songs. It's as though nothing can stop them while they're working together.

They started dating in 2011 and revealed to their fans that they were planning to get married in early 2013. A year after their wedding, everything looked to be going well for the newlyweds. The two of them, assisted by their legal counsel, filed for formal separation. Even though their relationship ended on an unpleasant note, all parties worked out their problems and made peace.

Chely Wright And Lauren Blitzer

Without the backing of many people who have publicly advocated for the LGBTQ community, they wouldn't enjoy the level of acceptance they do today. Lauren Blitzer is a prominent figure in the movement. Her husband, Chely Wright, has been a country music celebrity for many years and is well-known in her own right. However, the pair announced the engagement in the first half of 2011. They got married a few months later. Connecticut enables civil unions for people of the same gender, which is good.

The couple announced Chely was pregnant with two babies as the icing on the cake. Who wouldn't be thrilled to learn that they're expecting twins? Since they have two parents who will always be there, their future is safe.
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