24 Celebrity Who Have Ridiculous Expenses


Celebrities are rich and have everything that we aspire to one day have. So, after splurging on opulent lifestyles, they turn to even more extravagant expenditures. It's not uncommon for celebrities to splash out on crazy purchases to show their affluence. So, without further ado, here are 12 of the most extravagant purchases made by celebrities. Kim Kardashian and Kayne West's buy will surprise you.

1. Lady Gaga's Ghost Detector

Bodyguards are always there to keep Lady Gaga safe, but they can't stop ghosts from other planets from pursuing her. Because of her superstitious belief in ghosts, she hired ghostbusters and paranormal investigators, who encouraged her to purchase an Electro-Magnetic Field Reader, which they claim will assist her in discovering the ghosts she saw. Because she wanted the best, she paid $50,000 for the gadget.

2. Bono's Plane Ticket for The Hat

Is it possible for you to go on vacation without your beloved hat? If it rains where you're going, you'll need it. Bono spent $1,700 on a plane ticket for his hat, which only travels first class and requires travel insurance so that he could take it on vacation with him. However trivial Bono's first-class aircraft ticket may appear, the money could have been put to better use elsewhere on his shopping list.

3. Beyoncé's Designer Leggings

The famous singer gave her husband a private jet for $50 million a few years ago, but at least they can get to their gigs faster now. Because they cost Beyonce $100,000, these striking Balenciaga leggings are the most pointless purchase she has ever made. At the BET Awards in 2007, she wore them only once when they were gold-embellished.

4. Jay Z And His Champagne Bottles

Even when it comes to extravagant spending, Jay-Z and Beyonce are a perfect match. When he canceled his contract with the Cristal champagne brand, it was one of the most drastic escapes. He replaced Cristal with Armand de Brignac, dubbed the "Ace of Spades" by experts, and bought 75 bottles for $250,000 at a party in Club Liv, Miami, leaving a $50,000 tip for the happy bartenders. Last year, Jay-Z bought a champagne band he'd become fond of.

5. Paris Hilton's Dog House

In 2009, Paris Hilton shelled out $325,000 for a custom-designed dog house that mirrored her own home, replete with small designer furniture and even a chandelier. Despite this, does it not follow that she needs to find a home for the dog? It's safe to say that Paris Hilton's dog has it better than most humans on the earth.

6. Celine Dion's Humidifier

Celine Dion's incredible voice is undeniable, but the extent she goes to protect her voice is something else. When she was training her vocal cords, she needed a humidifier to keep them healthy. Even though a good one can be had for $200, she paid almost $2 million for one that does exactly the same thing.

Some more outrageous costs are included in Celine Dion's life, like paying $4 million a year for her team, which comprises four bodyguards, a yoga teacher, and an Olympic trainer.

7. Bengal Tigers And Mike Tyson's Solid Gold Bathtub

In 2004, Mike Tyson was on the verge of bankruptcy when he offered his ex-wife Robin Givens a $2 million solid gold bathtub. In addition to the solid 24-karat gold bathtub, he spent $150,000 on two white Bengal tigers. Tyson stated that "there was some foolish shit about his spending habits when taking care of two Bengal tigers.

8. Nicolas Cage and A Comic Book Collection

For those times when you require a shrunken head collection, Nicolas Cage has two ships, 50 exotic automobiles, and 12 houses to choose from, a Gulfstream aircraft, a 28-room Bavarian castle, and two islands in the Bahamas at his disposal. He bought a Lamborghini once held by the Iranian shah, and he competed against Leonardo Dicaprio for a dinosaur skull in 2007.

But his most ludicrous purchase was the $1 million comic book collection he purchased, only to have it stolen after that. He was able to reclaim the collection and sell it for $2.1 million, making a handsome profit. The first issue of Action Comics, where Superman first appeared, was among the comics in the collection.

9. Kim Basinger and Her Town

Kim purchased the entire town of Braselton, Georgia, in 1989 to turn it into a tourist destination with movie studios and huge film festivals. It's claimed that she became intrigued by the town during traffic congestion. Finally, she paid in full for the town's 1,600 acres after a year-and-a-half of negotiations. As a result of this disastrous acquisition, she was forced to declare bankruptcy and sell the town for $1 million.

10. Gold-plated Presidential Aircraft of Donald Trump

One of the most extreme examples that only Mr. Trump could pull off is a private jet made almost entirely of gold. Two years ago, he paid $100 million for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Boeing 757, the same plane that presidential contenders fly in. Refurbished with the newest technology and gold covering nearly every surface, this jet is now the most luxurious. The Trump family logo was slapped on the plane's fuselage to avoid confusion. As you can see in the photo, the 24-karat gold is used even on the faucets.

11. Justin Bieber and His Custom-Made Gold Grillz

Grillz (a dental accessory) purchases are not new in Hollywood, although they aren't all that frequent. But Justin Bieber spent $5,000 on a gold grill for Halloween. Justin Bieber worked with Ben Baller of Theif and Company to create the glitzy piece. And sure, he was still a youngster when he was kidnapped in 2013. Because of items like these, kid stars can afford to spend so much money.

12. Miley Cyrus and Her Hair Extensions

In the context of $160 million, $24,000 for hair extensions doesn't seem like a lot of money at first. Miley wore her hair extensions when she was 17 years old. Many of her ardent supporters know how much she spent on hair extensions. Her most expensive $24,000 fake hair was imported from Italy. To match her natural hair color, the extensions were custom-dyed by professionals.

13. Daniel Radcliffe and A Mattress

With a fortune of almost $110 million, Daniel Radcliffe was unwilling to compromise on his sleep. Harry Potter celebrities spent $17,000 on something that most people consider needless. Do you think spending so much money on a mattress is overkill, even if you know it's a necessity? To put it another way, the star is well-heeled, so buying a luxurious mattress to help him sleep well was no problem.

14. Kesha and Glitter

Many people throughout the world have become lovers of Kesha's music. The singer said she would spend hundreds of dollars a month on glitter when she was a pop star. To put it another way, at $1 a vial, she used a lot of glitters. This time was devoted to her live show as she was doused in glitter and sprayed out of cannons. She said that to a magazine in 2011, and we're quite sure she still has some of the glitters in her house to prove it.

15. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and Her Gold-Plated Toilets

Going to the bathroom in style is perfectly acceptable when you're worth $350 million to Kim Kardashian and $1.3 billion to Kayne West. After purchasing their Bel Air estate, they decided to go out on $750,000 worth of gold toilets. It was important to them that everything in their mansion was of the highest quality. In other reports, the couple chose to spend twice as much as they had budgeted on the luxurious interior design. That's why they spent so much money on their bathroom.

16. Victoria Beckham and Her 24K Gold-Plated Cell Phone

It's safe to say that the iPhone 4 was one of the most popular products in 2011. Post Spice had a 24k gold-plated phone at the time. The phone was manufactured to order by Stuart Hughes, and it contained 150 grams of 24k gold. That case cost Victoria $33,000. Because she no longer carries the phone, we can only imagine how cumbersome it must have become.

Hermes handbags can cost up to $100,000, but she has more than 30 of them, and we didn't even blink an eye when we discovered this. Our biggest surprise is that the former Spice Girl and wife of David Beckham spends $44,000 a year on teeth whitening. My opinion is that she has no idea that things are available at the shop for $25 a box and that the dentist believes they're perfectly safe. If that wasn't bizarre enough, they're significantly less expensive when I pay for them at the dentist.

17. Johnny Depp and His Private Island

Johnny Depp would have to spend more than $30,000 per month on wine alone to afford a private island. Despite this, he purchased the island before he became insolvent. In 2004, he paid $3.6 million for the Bahamas' Little Halls Pond Cay. Even though Johnny has been known for his extravagant spending habits, his last outing is no exception. The actor will get 45 acres of tranquility on the island's lovely private island. In addition to a private island, he owns many properties.

18. Nicholas Cage and A Dinosaur Skull

In a bidding war with Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicholas Cage acquired the coolest celebrity acquisition ever: the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Bataar. Cage paid $276,000 at auction and had it for many years before something unusual happened. Cage maintained it for many years. According to a report in 2015, the skull was stolen and never supposed to be sold. Even though he spent a lot of money on it, the actor consented to hand it to the Mongolian government.

19. Charlie Sheen

Even if we don't have an exact monetary number, he's probably the man with the most repulsive spending habits. The only thing I can say about this guy is that he spends a lot of money on prostitutes, prostitutes, and strippers and a lot of money on hotel rooms and drinks to go along with it. In my perspective, it's not the best use of your money. He might use the money in other ways, such as on his children or rehabilitation.

20. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Their combined net worth was once around $10 million, but they've blown through nearly all of it on extravagant lifestyles they couldn't afford. A property in Malibu, California, costing $35,000 a month, seemed like a decent investment, among other things, according to the narrator. This couple's spending got the better of them, and they ended up in debt.

21. Drake

Despite modest fortune, the legendary singer's spending habits are despicable. He just dropped $50,000 at a strip club, and we're inclined to rank that purchase among the most repulsive of all time. Those aren't accomplishments he should be boasting about at all. He shouldn't even be doing this at all! When it comes to money, no one can stop you from spending it how you see fit, as long as you have the means to do so.

22. Shaq

When it comes to sports, he's among the greatest players. He is free to spend his money whatever he wants, but we don't see how he will be able to maintain his current standard of living if his monthly spending exceeds $1 million IN THE MONTH. To put it another way, he shells out $1 million a month on everything from vacations to babysitters to residences to whatever else he wants.

23. Jennifer Aniston

She's a multi-millionaire, but did you know that she spends a significant portion of her wealth on cosmetics and personal appearance? Although there's nothing wrong with it, there is something to be said about the actress's estimated $10,000-a-month beauty treatments to keep her looking as amazing as she did when we first discovered her nearly 20 years ago. However, it's a lot of money to spend on something that looks so well on her.

24. Waka Flocka

You may or may not be familiar with him. However, he is a well-known rapper who can afford $50,000 per year for a professional wrapper. I haven't tried it myself. No, not a rapper; instead, a wrapper would be more appropriate. I mean that he needs someone to help him with the rolling of his marijuana. I don't know if it's worth it to spend that much money on someone to wrap it for you, as someone who has never used this material before.

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