Hollywood Stars share their Effective Weight Loss Methods that Actually Work


Some of the well-known celebrities in Hollywood became unrecognizable after their intense physical dedication. Nowadays, it's hard to find body fat in Hollywood stars as they are slimmed and toned. These brightest stars have undergone dramatic weight loss to simply being in the public eye and spotlight all the time. Because it's their job to look flaunt and great all the time.

Some celebrities focused on their diet to reach their fitness goals. While some celebrities did intense workouts and some consulted with doctors to opt for weight loss surgery. These inspiring celebrities share their weight loss journeys and ''' their effective weight loss methods and secret tricks. Let's take a look at these efficient weight loss methods shared by celebrities that will help you to get back on track and reach your goals.

Matthew McConaughey- Diet

Matthew McConaughey became popular after working on the movie Dazed and Confused in 1933. This brightest star won every possible acting award including Oscar. Whenever it comes to doing films and doing different roles, he always does everything perfectly. If he needs to gain and lose weight for different roles, he can do it and he'll definitely do it to give his best.

How did He do it:

In his movie Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew lost 40 pounds. Matthew shared his weight loss secret with the media. He followed the strict diet, a vegan diet. He said that he only ate green and no meat. The actor went on a low-calorie diet, only including liquids, greens, and proteins for four months.

Moreover, he says that it was a psychological pressure and the hardest time. But he did it by staying consistent and committed to his goals. Matthew gives all the credit for his transformation to the strict diet.

Now, he is one of the biggest and well-known actors in the world. Apart from it, he is also a versatile artist as he has done dramas and romcoms. Whether it is his career or personal life, the star always invests his time wisely and gives his best in the craft.

Rebel Wilson- High-Protein Diet, Workouts

Rebel Wilson declared 2020 her "Year of Health" after starting her weight-loss journey in 2016. The 41-year-old actress shocked everyone and garnered plenty of attention after revealing her weight loss transformation on social media. Rebel shared the methods and revealed the secrets of how she lost weight. In November 2020, she announced in the show that she had lost 60+ pounds. But the question is that how did she do it?

How did She do it:

The actress said that she never focused on her health and was eating tons of sugars- and she loves desserts. Therefore, on her weight loss journey, she cut on sugar, gluten, dairy, junk food, and caffeine. She completely switched to a healthy high-protein diet and started swapping carbs for protein.

Apart from diet, the actress also hit the gym four to five days a week focusing on HIT (High-intensity interval training), strength training, and cardio.

Rebel also opened up about her mental health and battling emotional eating. She told in an interview after reaching her fitness goal, "I love my curves and I feel more energetic and ''' healthier."

Chris Pratt- Low-Carb Paleo Diet, Hard Workout

How did Chris go from Parks and Rec to Guardians of the Galaxy? The biggest Hollywood star transformed his fat body into a six-pack for his roles. The actor revealed that he had to gain weight for his role as Andy in Parks and Recreation. After this success, Chris Pratt ditched 80 pounds in 6 months to become a movie star when he starred in Guardians of the Galaxy.

How did He do it:

You must be quite interested in Pratt's weight loss methods that how did he do it? Keep scrolling to find his impressive methods.
To do so, Chris started eating a low-carb, high-protein diet and drank a lot of water. No beer, burgers, or any junk food. The star told in an interview, "I drank plenty of water. Due to this, I was peeing all day. That time was a nightmare."

When it comes to working out, he upped his exercise game by working out three to four hours a day. Chris focused on weight lifting, running, swimming and boxing. In addition, he even completed triathlon training.

All his transformation's credit goes to his specific weight loss goals. His specific goals helped him to stay motivated, consistent, and patient. After reaching his fitness goals and desired weight, Chris maintains it by hitting the gym for 1 hour four days a week.

Christian Bale - Intense Workout, Diet

Christian Bale, a famous British actor is well-known for his spectacular and versatile acting in every role. Christian have undergone different body transformations for different roles in movies. The actor won many awards including two Golden Globe awards and Academy awards.

In his film Reign of Fire, the actor had to gain 190 pounds and he did it. After two years, he dropped 60 pounds for his movie The Machinist. Again in 2013, when he filmed American Hustle, he gained 50 pounds. Then, he shed the weight and adopted the shocking body transformation of a six-pack. But how did he do it?

How did He do it:

Christian focused on diet and intense workouts. In the diet, he only ate a can of tuna and apple each day. He drank plenty of water to avoid hunger pangs. In addition, the actor hit the gym for an extreme ass-hard workout five to six days a week.

Furthermore, apart from workouts and diet, the main role in his transformation is motivation to do it. His motivation, diet, and workout helped him to lose or gain weight when he needed to. Christian credits these three things to help him to reach his desired weight and shape.

Sam Smith - Gluten-free Diet, Exercise, Cardio

The Grammy award-winning artist opened up about his weight loss journey. Smith explained that he used to eat like a pig until he met a nutritional therapist who changed his mindset. He wrote on Instagram, "I met a woman who completely changed my relationship with food and transformed my life. Amelia Freer helped me to change my life and acquire desired body transformation."

How did He do it:

Sam ditched out gluten, dairy, and refined sugar from his meals. When it comes to working out, the singer used to do workouts including cardio and weight lifting three times per week. Also, Sam did meditation including yoga to boost his mental health.

In addition, portion control and home-cooked meals played prominent roles in losing his weight. By following these methods and meeting with a nutritional therapist, he successfully lost 50 pounds. After adopting the impressive weight loss transformation, he wrote:

"I love food so it was a constant battle. There is no quick way to shed the pounds off your body but I'm trying my best."

Khloe Kardashian- Low-carb Diet, Exercise

The "Keeping up with Kardashians"star managed to lose weight and change her lifestyle. This Kardashian sister maintains her weight and lost 15 kg weight after having a baby daughter in 2018.

How did She do it:

Khloe started eating a low-carb diet with no dairy, no soda, and juices. In addition, she began working out five times per week including indoor cycling, hot yoga, training, and obstacle course workouts. Want to know more about her diet? Here are the details about what she eats on normal days to stay fit:

Breakfast: Fresh fruits, Oatmeal, and two eggs of any kind.

Lunch: Fresh Vegetables which are profound in iron, Starches, and Grilled chicken breast (4 oz.).

Dinner: Starches like yam, lentils, potatoes, and Fish with another protein.

Snacks: Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, and Nuts.

Khloe stays committed to her fitness routine. She often shares her workouts on social media. A low-carb healthy diet and workouts helped her to get back into shape quickly after pregnancy.

Kristie Alley- No sugar and ''' dairy, Exercise

Kristie Alley, a comedic actress for decades and long-time spokesperson for Jenny Craig has had ups and ''' downs in weight. Throughout the years, she has revealed all about her weight loss journey. In 2011 competing on Dancing with the Stars, the actress lost 100 pounds. In 2017, she eventually gained the back.

How did She do it:

The actress told that she cut out unhealthy foods, sugar, cheese, dairy products, and junk food to get back into shape. Apart from it, Alley started working out including exercises and often riding her bike. Kristie also told that she does not purchase unhealthy foods so that she is not enticed.

A healthy diet along with exercise helped her to keep the weight off. Furthermore, the actress said, "Weight does not matter if you're satisfied and ''' happy with it. If you are skinny, it does not mean you are happy too."

John Goodman- Mediterranean Diet

The Roseanne star once gained a weight of nearly 400 pounds. The versatile actor showed off his weight loss journey and shared efficient weight loss methods that helped him to shed pounds. John lost more than 100 pounds by staying devoted and ''' consistent. Curious to know the details that how he lost a lot of weight?

How did He do it:

Mediterranean diet and portion control are the key elements in his weight loss journey. John's personal trainer told that John started the Mediterranean diet with plant-based foods and cutting down red meat. He decided to stop drinking alcohol, sugar drinks and avoid sugary foods. His Mediterranean diet included fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and olive oil.

Besides diet, he started working out and walking 10,000-12,000 steps six days per week. Also, he did boxing to stay fit. These methods helped him to drop more than 100 pounds. John also said that he drops the weight by focusing on how much he is eating.

Kelly Osbourne- Gastric Bypass Surgery

When Kelly (a well-known TV face) joined Dancing with the Stars, she lost some weight like others because of the intense practice schedule. But, the TV star and The Fashion Police host became overweight at the peak of her career. She became unhealthy, overweight which made her a victim of cyberbullying. Kelly told that she was mocked several times due to her weight.

How did She do it:

In 2020, Kelly stunned everyone with her 90 pounds weight loss transformation. The TV star has been honest about her dramatic weight loss. In an interview, she opened up about her weight loss journey that changed her outlook. Kelly opted to have a gastric bypass surgery which dropped 90 pounds along the way. She revealed that she had gastric sleeve surgery to drop her weight.

Kelly told that she is happier than ever and her weight loss made her feel great. Moreover, she said, “I did not have a weight loss transformation due to media scrutiny or pressure. I did it to improve my health, not just appearance, and to live a longer life." Now, the star maintains her weight by eating a healthy nutritious diet, doing exercises and ''' meditation, and cutting out alcohol.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, consistency and dedication are required to reach your desired fitness goals. All of these celebrities revealed their impressive weight loss methods that help them to successfully slim down. Some of them opt for diet, some hit the gym for intense workouts, cardio, and strength training, and some stars turned to doctors.

The important thing is that all these inspiring stars remained consistent and disciplined on their impressive weight loss journeys to get back into shape. In short, consistency and hard work do pay off.

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