11 Most Expensive Celebrity Purchases of Lavish Mansions


Most people don't think much of the $50 they might spend on a luxury weekend, but what about when celebrities drop hundreds of thousands on anything from cars to jewels?

They're arguably just as famous for their lavish spending for their talents. Still, there's something about these celebrities, and their willingness to spend draws us in. While we may not be able to afford any of these things ourselves right now, it's still fun to dream... and marvel at how much money others have.

These are the 11 most expensive celebrity purchases.

1. Jennifer Aniston ($21 million) - Buys a home in Bel-Air

Jennifer Aniston has had a long and successful Hollywood career. She has seen her star in hit television shows like Friends, movies like The Wedding Crashers, and movies like We're the Millers. Being one of the most popular actresses around, she's also been able to sell her life experience in a series of books.

In 2012 she and Brad Pitt separated after four years of marriage. Still, she was smart enough to find a home in Bel-Air for herself before the divorce was finalized. Plan B Entertainment (and Angelina Jolie) helped her secure this home by underwriting its purchase from Brad's production company Plan B Entertainment for a cool $21 million.

2. Rihanna ($5 million) – Bought a $14 million penthouse in New York City

Rihanna is a singer-songwriter and actress who's had her fair share of ups and downs during her career, but she's making some spectacular money. After releasing one album in 2005 and then sitting out of music for three years, she came back with two albums in 2009 dollars worth of hits, including songs like "Umbrella," "We Found Love," and "Russian Roulette.

While she's made more than just music, she came back to fame once again when she began dating her now-boyfriend Chris Brown. The two were seen together several times throughout the past few years, and in she bought a penthouse in NYC for $!4 million.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow ($10.4. million) - Buys an estate in Brentwood, California, that she says is "the envy of every woman who ever lived”

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most recognized actresses in the world, and she's come a long way from her humble beginnings. She began acting in commercials at the age of eight, and by her early teenage years, she was moving on to roles in movies like Hook and Love Jones.

Paltrow has been married twice, and her husband was Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin at that time, with whom she had two children. In 2009 Paltrow decided to buy a home that cost over $10 million from a man named Barry Diller, who produced movies like The Lion King.

The two were together when they bought the home, but they broke up just five months after it was purchased.

4. Dwight Howard - Buys an Atlanta mansion for $12.5 million

Dwight Howard is a professional basketball player who has played for the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Atlanta Hawks. Throughout his career, he's made quite a bit of money, but he also makes some big purchases all on his own.

When he left Orlando to play for Los Angeles, Howard bought a $1.7 million mansion that was 1,900 square feet in size and featured five bedrooms and five bathrooms. When he left the Lakers to join Atlanta, Howard bought a $12.5 million home nearly 3.5 acres in size and featured a pool house and an outdoor living space.

5. Usher ($25 million) - Buys a $25 million mansion in Atlanta, Georgia

Usher is one of the most famous musicians in America. He has had a long career as a recording artist and one of the best dancers on stage. He's made about $180 million during his career. Still, his home purchases are what put him near or at the top of our list for the most expensive purchases ever handed out for free money.

While he was still a member of the boy band 'Nsync, Usher bought a $25 million mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, that featured a nine-hole golf course and an indoor swimming pool. He left his boy band career behind when he moved to Miami, Florida. He bought a six-bedroom, 14-bathroom mansion for $10 million back in 2002 that featured three swimming pools and multiple other luxury amenities. All of this was purchased for free, thanks to fans who were willing to donate it to him so that he could move on with his life.

6. Jennifer Aniston ($27 million) - a $27 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous actresses in America who has played major roles in movies like Friends and The Wedding Planner and small roles in movies like Bruce Almighty and Bruce Dern's Walter Mitty. She's made about $100 million since entering the acting industry. Still, she's highly active with other types of investments, too, including real estate and various projects that she's invested in herself.

In 2009 she bought a $6.1 million Malibu mansion in Brentwood, California, that featured six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and seven fireplaces. She sold that house in 2013 to start a new project that included purchasing her new $27 million home in Beverly Hills, California, where she now lives.

7. Kim Kardashian Buys a $60 million house in Hidden Hills

Kim Kardashian got her start in show business by starring on the reality TV show "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" and her family and friends. She's made a lot of money over the years, and she's also become a major brand ambassador by endorsing various products on television and in magazines.

Kardashian purchased her first home for $3.2 million back in 2006 in Calabasas, California. Still, she purchased a $6.9 million penthouse apartment in New York City shortly after that. In addition to these two purchases, she also bought a $60 million home in Hidden Hills.

8. Robert Downey Jr. ($28 million) - Buys a million mansion

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most famous actors in America who has starred in movies like Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man and various television shows throughout his career. He's made millions of dollars throughout his career, and he's also used this money to buy multiple properties for himself and his family that have had a major influence on their lifestyle.

Downey Jr. started out with a $1.2 million mansion in Malibu that he bought in 1998. Then he moved on to a more expensive home in Malibu that was $5 million in size and featured five bedrooms and four bathrooms. He then went on to buy a $7 million home in Holmby Hills, California, that had six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. However, after all of this, he still wanted something a little bit bigger, so he purchased another property for his kids and ex-girlfriend.

9. Jay-Z and Beyoncé Buy a $88 million mansion in Los Angeles

Jay-Z is one of the most successful hip-hop artists in history who has made millions of dollars throughout his career thanks to his successful music career and endorsement deals with companies like Nike. He's made money from his multiple investments as well. Still, he's also used a lot of this money to purchase expensive, elaborate homes for himself that he shares with his wife Beyonce and their children.

Jay-Z bought a $4 million mansion in Brookville, New York, back in 2000 that featured eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms, but that wasn't nearly enough for him, so he continued looking for something bigger than that. He purchased another property in 2005 in Miami Beach, Florida, that was $27 million in size and featured nine bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and an additional stable with a basketball court.

Jay-Z also purchased another investment that was $7 million in size, located in Wilshire Park, California. Still, he purchased a home for his ex-girlfriend as well. He paid $30 million to buy the mansion from Alonzo Mourning's son, and it featured 12 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and a theater.

In 2017, Jay Z and Beyonce purchased an $80 million house in Los Angeles, the sixth most expensive home purchase in Los Angeles.

It has 30k square feet of living space, four pools, a spa with a wellness center, a basketball court, and 15 garages.

10. Drake ($35.5 million) - Buys a mansion.

Drake is a Canadian rapper and singer who has established himself as one of the most popular artists of his generation thanks to his successful career that includes multiple Top 10 singles, several Grammy nominations, and a gold album. At this point in his career, he has banked over $100 million in income alone, thanks to the success of his music and endorsement deals with companies like Nike, but he still doesn't stop there.

He also owns a home once featured on MTV Cribs back in 2007. Then he went on to purchase two more properties located in Toronto, which were worth about $9.5 million each. In 2014 he also purchased a mansion in Los Angeles featured on the television show Pawn Stars. It was worth $2.5 million, but this wasn't nearly enough for him either, and he continued searching for more assets.

He purchased another $6 million home in Toronto a year later. Still, Drake bought the one that many people are interested in today. Drake bought the home from Lil Wayne's ex-wife for approximately $14 million. It featured three bedrooms, six bathrooms, an exercise room, and a wine cellar. This is not Drake's only property, though, because he also owns an apartment featured on MTV Cribs back in 2009, worth about $5.5 million.

11. Rihanna ($40 million) - Buys a mansion that she then sells for nearly double the price

Rihanna is a singer and actress who has established herself as one of the most popular celebrities in pop culture thanks to her hit record singles and music videos. She's accomplished more than many people will ever be able to throughout their entire careers. However, even though she's made quite a bit of money so far in her career, she still hasn't run out of money yet. This is a good thing, too, because when you have $1.7 billion from your own bank account, it will not run out too fast.

Rihanna started her career in the music industry as a singer. Still, she was eventually kicked out of that group, and then she sought out success as an actress. She's been featured on several television shows, including Entourage and Entourage: The Movie. It all started with her appearance on MTV Cribs back in 2008. This is where she bought a $2.5 million mansion for herself, which was located in Los Angeles at the time and featured eight bedrooms, five bathrooms, a pool room, a game room and also hosted parties that were attended by guests such as Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey.

Rihanna then listed it for sale a little over a year later for over $4 million more than she originally purchased it. Then she banked in on the profit and invested that into some other real estate ventures that were far more valuable than the mansion. She purchased two luxury hotel rooms in Los Angeles and another $10 million mansions located in the same area of Los Angeles as the other one was located and has been featured on television before. She also owns an apartment that's worth around $8 million. In 2021, she purchased 2 mansions in Beverly Hills.

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